where do you buy your hermes

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  1. where do you shop for your hermes bags
  2. 98% of them at the store!
  3. lol funny mabey eBay
  4. Hermes:shame: , there are good re-sellers, but I love the whole "shop experience", and great customer service, but I am lucky enough to live near a shop, which makes that easier.
  5. that sounds like fun
  6. NM for their perfumes (especially if there's gift with purchase - LOL!)....but definitely H stores for everything else!
  7. Hermes Stores, scarves on eBay and resellers online...but all bags from the stores so far.

    oh, and Hermes.com last week!
  8. Oh yes! Hermes.com!!!!!! Sometimes they have scarf's that can not be found at the store,.. HG, wait and see what I got!!!! YAY!
  9. Baggaholic: Internet Shopping Specialiste.
  10. Oh man, I wish,.. I'd be like "one for you, one for me, one for you, two for me" I'd be fired immeidiatly!
  11. Oh, GF,.. I'm so happy to see your posts!!! :yahoo:
  12. I don't mind three for you,:nuts: as long as I get the ONE I want! ooops, no, wait, I want three bags....so, O.K NINE for you three for me?
    I think we both would be fierd:sad: imagine us managing a hermes boutique?
    ...store would never open... we would be in the back...fighting over bags!:lol:
  13. :yes: :yahoo: :tender: :party:
  14. Actually, DH & I were talking...he needs to find a new business to buy and I suggested an Hermes franchise, as I'd have SO many customers...AND I would ship INTERNATIONALLY!!!!!!

    He didn't go for it.............funny, that.....
  15. Grands Fonds, how did you manage to have Hermes.com to ship to you?
    I thought on line shopping is only for US customers only.
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