Where do you buy your Dior's

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  1. I know that lots of US States have Dior boutiques, but, not all - take me, the Dior boutique in Colo is 4 hours from my house - not exactly a short drive. :graucho:

    My Neiman Marcus hardly ever has a Dior bag there. I happened to buy my Rebelle from NM; but, since then I have never seen another Dior bag there.

    I have bought two of my Dior bags from the Orlando outlet, sight unseen (kind of a mistake), and I have bought two Dior's from Bluefly.

    So what about you ladies, where do you buy your Dior bags?

    Perhaps we can start a Dior sighting thread like other designer forums have - so that when we are out shopping and see Dior bags we can post here to let each other know what we saw and where to get it? :yes:

    This thread would be different than the Outlet and Ebay threads, as this would apply to Dept stores, and boutiques instead.
  2. I think this is a great idea Loganz. I live in Sacramento, so the closest place to go to buy Dior is San Francisco. I usually order from the boutique, since I've had problems with NM in the past. I also bought a Dior bag from bluefly.
  3. I'm in San Francisco, got 1 Dior from NM, and 1 Dior from the outlet in Cabazon.

    There's also a boutique here...but I felt that the NM SA's are really nice, so prefered to buy from there. =)
  4. i bought mine in manhattan's flagship store on 5th ave for my saddle bag, such a fab experience. and my other one from bluefly. need to check out the one in Cabazon still.
  5. Most of my Dior's were purchased in Manhattan.
  6. I admit, my diors were bought at the outlet in Orlando. Planning on buying more this week once I get to Orlando!
  7. outlets (cabazon, orlando) and ebay :smile:
  8. all my bags were from the Dior boutique located in Saks. I have gotten most my accessories from either the outlet at Premium or Eluxury.
  9. Dior Boutiques & on eLuxury. I've bought from SCP, Union Square & the Forum Shops.
  10. All of my Dior bags were purchased from Sak's Dior boutique in Orlando, and smaller items at the outlet in Orlando. I find Mara and Ginny at the Dior boutique in Saks very helpful. I believe there is currently a 40% off sale or pre-sale on several bags. I received an e-mail with pics, but since I bought 2 at the last sale a few weeks ago, I tried not to notice.
  11. I purchased my one and only dior from their Union Square store.
  12. either the dior boutiques in manchester or singapore, or ebay.
  13. There is a teal/blue medium Gaucho on Bluefly right now, 6:53PM MST.
  14. I bought mine from beverly shopping center, rodeo drive, las vegas Wynn dior ( There's 3 diors in vegas, heaven for dior addicts), orlando outlet(phone order), dior SF in bloomingdale and dior outlet cabazon.
    By the way, some saddles and dior rebelle and vintage line are all on sale at dior SF in bloomingdales at 40% off.
  15. I bought all 3 of mine off ebay... :smile: although I do buy my shoes in the shops. manhasset, las vegas, nyc, orlando. I have not purchased from the outlets yet...i always have great dreams of what I will find there, but always leave empty handed.