where do you buy your diamonds?

  1. :confused1:I hate to pay full retail. For handbags, I mostly buy when on sale someplace like Nordstrom or Bloomingdales. Or get at The Rack, Off 5th, etc. But I'm somewhat at a loss on diamonds. There are local retail stores who have been around for a long time but they have high overhead so you're not going to get a great deal from them. And if you don't get GIA cert you can't be sure they're grading accurately. There is Costco which I would be comfortable with as far as grading, etc. but you have to take the jewelry as it comes from them - nothing custom. There is Internet. I understand you can get GIA certified stones online but you would not have the chance to see IRL before buying. Do you ladies just find someone local that you like and do business with them?
  2. I have a local jeweler and they can and will negotiate.
    We would also buy from Whiteflash, you can get it, have it appraised and return it if not happy.
    If you call them, they'll get the stone and personally look over it for you as well.
    I have a broker in Houston that sells 99% to the trade only, we met him before he changed to trade only so he still sells to us.
    Because my local jeweler know we have a broker and we'll shop online if we need to, she gives us excellent prices. They may still be slightly higher, but I get the piece of mind of seeing it IRL first and she'll ship to box to my sister in OK to save us on taxes! :biggrin:
    Hope to be adding a new addition in a few days :biggrin:
  3. I buy from the Jewelry Mart here in San Francisco. They are a lot less than retail. They also usually only sell to the trade but you can get in if you have a pass.

    I agree with Swanky, having something shipped out of state saves you tax. When I got engaged I had them send my ring to a friend in MI. She then shipped it overnight to me in CA. Saved a bundle!
  4. for non designer diamonds, I go to the jewelry district in NYC
  5. Do they have GIA certificates?

  6. ^most jewelers or brokers have or can easily get stones w/ GIA certs.
    My broker has them and can get them:yes:
  7. We bought my wedding ring diamond from Whiteflash. I do have a local jeweler I like (Huntington Jewelers) but what I love about buying online is no tax-usually.
  8. I have a jeweler that my friend referred me to. Her DH & entire family buy all of their stuff from him. He has a great policy where I can trade in anything I buy for the full value as long a I upgrade to something that cost more (no min)
  9. Do tell all:graucho:
  10. I have a local jeweler that I use and I've also purchased online from Whiteflash.
  11. I have used Whiteflash, and they were great.

    I hinted to my bf that he should look there when he was ready to buy my engagement ring, but he ended up going to some local jewelers and he founda fabulous one that I can't want to become a regular customer of. They negotiate, my engagement ring has a GIA cert, and from comparison shopping online, I know that he got a really great deal. Don't automatically assume a local shop will rip you off, but I know it took him 3 stores to find people he loved working with. The fact that they made such a nerve-wracking experience pleasant for him, makes me love and want to be a patron of the store even more.
  12. i had a good experience with whiteflash but have also gotten some nice diamond earrings and eternity bands from signed pieces facet collection.