where do you buy your chanel?

  1. i hope this isn't a repost...

    is there a difference between buying a bag from a chanel boutique, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, etc? do you prefer buying your bags at a certain store? is there a difference in warranty, quality or style depending on the boutique? i heard that chanel boutiques get first dibs on bags, then the dept stores get to pick. does this mean that the chanel boutiques have a larger variety? and do all bags that need repair end up at the same place regardless of where it was purchased or does it depend on where you bought the bag?
    wow. that was a lot of questions.... :blush:
  2. I bought mine in chanel boutique....:smile: About the warranty...I dont know I never bring my bag to fix. The reason I like to buy my item from one Chanel store is that I prefer the same sales, same store so that the boutique will have the history of all the item I bought.
  3. when I looked at NM, an SA said that they will always repair your bag, but Saks wouldn't- don't know if that's true-I still bought from SAKs because I got 10% off and 150 gift card
  4. this comes up pretty often. . .
    I buy mine frlom NM.
    Several reaosn for me, one is that I have a fantastic SA there that I prefer to give my business to, she's earned it in every way.
    2nd, NM has a more liberal return policy than teh boutique and finally, I like to collect my Incircle points:biggrin:
  5. I like buying at a department store better if they have what I want. I like to have the option to change my mind (which I sometimes do) and the boutique only allows returns for 14 days. Since I am out of state for any boutiques, by the time I receive and maybe ship back, I only have maybe a week (tops) to decide. Then it usually costs around $30 to ship it back with insurance. However, sometimes only the boutiques have what I'm looking for.
    I've heard all Chanel repairs are shipped to New York. I've had repairs done by sending directly to Chanel and by sending thru Saks or Neiman's and they took about the same amount of time. My Neiman's told me they will only repair free of charge for 6 months, while the boutique gives a year. This might be only my Neiman's though. The SA for Chanel there is a little, ahem, difficult to deal with.
    Also, I like the gift card events at Saks.
  6. i prefer to buy from the boutique because i dont have to pay tax.
  7. anyone prefers buying from reseller?
  8. ^not me. . . I have a compulsive need to be the first to break in my bag.
  9. I prefer the Chanel Boutique because I don't have to pay any taxes. Also, my SA gives me a break on the shipping for all of my referrals to her.

    She's really good at finding whatever I want.
  10. NM. No tax and incircle :smile:
  11. Almost always Neiman's for three reasons: no tax, Incircle points, and amazing customer service. I am always a Neiman's girl first. :heart: :heart: :heart: Saks, for some odd reason, does not do it for me. I guess it is all in personal perception. DH will buy Chanel for me at the Seattle Nordy's as gifts and I love my SA there. I have been verrry impressed by her knowledge and level of professionalism and customer service. When I buy over the phone she wraps up my package and leaves it with the concierge so that when DH pulls up, the package is handed to him and ready to go. :graucho: I did buy a Chanel on eBay once but never again. I didn't get the same thrill out of it as I do when a big box comes from Neiman's and even after authenticating my bag I still felt funny carrying it.
  12. I like both but have to say that the SA at Saks are much nicer and willing to help than the snotty arrogant SA here in Munich in the Chanel boutique. If I can avoid it I don't shop there and rather call the boutique in Frankfurt or Berlin to ship it to me. I'm really impressed by the customer service in the US, it's so much better than here!
  13. Neimans is opening in Bellevue Washington in 2009 so it will be nice to find Chanel at another location besides Nordstrom.
  14. May I know why there is no tax??
    Canada is crazy ..I have to pay 13 % tax:sad:
  15. ^ i think if you get the bag shipped to a state where the store doesn't exist, you don't get taxed. unfortunately, there's everything where i live. well... i guess it's a good thing to have access to stores... just not on the wallet. :p