Where do you buy your bags?

  1. Good morning Ladies! This is my first post on the board. I normally frequent the Balenciaga board but here I am and loving all the bags that I've seen!! :drool:

    I recently purchased a pink BV card holder from bluefly. I love it and am now considering buying a bag :wtf: Where do you guys normally shop? I know NM sells them and also bluefly and net a porter. Just wondering if there are other places I am missing (except for eBay). Of course, I'm always on the search for a sale :tup:

    Thank you so much!!!

  2. Saks
    Bottega Veneta Website
  3. Barney's also sells some stuff, including some online.
  4. BV website and boutique
  5. Thanks guys! Since I am so new to BV, I better check them out in person first. I will check them out at NM later this week.

  6. i was thinking that it would be nice to have a list of all websites and b&m stores that carry bv. a few additions:

  7. brownsfashion.com
  8. Personally, I would not buy from diabro.
  9. There's also the BV store in Woodberry Commons, NY. I've been speaking with Anthony ( I read a rave review about him on this forum). He has been such a pleasure to work with!!!!

    He forwarded me some pics via email. Unfortunately I didn't see anything I liked but if you want to see them, I can email them to you. Send me your email address via PM.
  10. net-a-porter.com and boutique
  11. BV boutique :smile:
  12. Welcome to the BV board, JudieH from a fellow Bbager!

    I got most of my stash from the BV store in Venice :love: Hoping to swing by the local shop to get me a lil love, since I'm on a purse ban :crybaby: