Where do you buy dressy tops?

  1. I find that it's hard to find dressy tops that are good for going out at a decent price. I hate spending a lot of money on club attire because they get ruined so quickly. Forever 21 used to be good, but now they only have casual wear. I'm talking about stuff like this, but they're all kind of pricey. Any ideas?

  2. I don't know if you've ever heard of Body Central..
    the only reason I know about it is because I used to know a girl who was crazzyyyy about their clothes.
    Anyways they have really sexy dressy clothing that is really really cheap.
    Like.. $20 for some tops.
    But the quality is terrible and pretty much only good for 3-5 wears from my own expierence.
    But some of the clothes are pretty cute and sexy.. here's the website!
    welcome to body central™
  3. Victorias Secret has some great deals.
  4. I see you're in NYC...just come to soho. take the n or r train to prince street and take a look at all the little boutiques on Broadway. theres one called Mystique...they sell cute and cheap tops with forever 21 prices. I've got a couple from there.
  5. i'll usually buy from h&m for dressy tops.
  6. Victorias Secret, White House Black Market, Newport-News.com. I find many nice items at these places online. Newport-News has beautiful items and the price is ridiculously cheap but they have great quality items....their clothing but I don't buy their shoes or handbags..
    Check them out!
  7. I have this top and love it! I got it on sale so it wasn't very expensive. It's been in the catalog for about a year, I think. Maybe longer.

  8. I also have gotten a bunch at Mystique. I have gotten some at Zara and at Forever 21. www.forever21.com still has a whole dressy section. Good luck finding what you want...
  9. I usually go to EXPRESS and Charlotte Russe
  10. I suggest going to Nordstroms or Shopbop.com. they both have awesome tops and great prices.
  11. nordstorms or bebe
  12. Ann taylor loft!
  13. MK by michael kors, Ann taylor loft and H&M have great choices that are similar.
  14. Wow thanks for all the responses! I've checked out all the websites and I think I'm going to get some stuff from Body Central and Newport News. I'm also def. going to check out Mystique the next time I venture to SoHo. I looked at the stuff in Forever 21's "dressy tops" section and they seem a little too daytime to wear out to a club. I also went to Charlotte Russe and H&M yesterday but they seem to have mostly casual things.

    I really appreciate everyone's help! :smile: