Where do you buy Coach glasses frames?

  1. Hi all! Does anyone know where to buy Coach glasses frames (other than online)? I saw them at Vision World and they were marked up like 50%. Anyone know where I can get them at a good price? I havent seen them in the actual Coach stores and whenever I call Coach to ask, none of the SAs know :crybaby: Thanks!!
  2. I purchased my Coach glasses from my local eyedoctor, not at a Lens crafters or Nationwide. I am in Arizona though, but I know you can also purchase them at www.parisoptique.com, but I think they are an Arizona only company. I would say you should look for speciality Optometrists in your area, they would carry the more higher end eyeglass frames.

    The style I wear is Brooke (503) in black and I always get complements on them.