where do you buy balenciagas?

  1. I'm perfectly new here and am OBSESSED with getting a Balenciaga. I know it might be a stupid question, but where can I buy one? Thanks!
  2. If you like you can check out our marketplace, there are a few nice ones for sale for starters. Any colors or styles in particular you are looking for?
  3. Barneys NY...there's more, I know, but I can't remember! Sorry, lol, I'm not much help!
  4. Neimans.
  5. bob ellis shoes/ jeffrey atlanta.
  6. Aloharag...Maxfield LA...susan SF....
  7. Browns UK...that's all i can think of right now.
  8. also directly from balenciaga NY, or via brownsfashions online. or ebay, if you're careful.
  9. Ok, this could be repetitive but bare with me: Barneys, Neimans, Aloharag, Balenciaga, cricket (but poor customer service), and I also think, but not sure: Luisaviroma, bluefly if you get lucky, brownsfashion?

    OMG- totally forgot! CeeJay has a list in the Deals Section section that says all the places you can buy authentic b-bags. I would go there first!!!! Here is the link http://forum.purseblog.com/deals-and-steals/balenciaga-bags-authorized-authentic-online-websites-1630.html

    OOPS - double post, sorry!
  10. I am looking for a lilac one...I'm not sure which size yet. I'm an actress, so I'm out a lot going to auditions...and I'm moving to Los Angeles in July. Any reccommendations on size?
  11. For your first bag, I would suggest a city. It's roomy enough to tote around a lot of stuff for your additions, but doesn't overwhelm you with its size...Good luck on your hunt! I would love to get that color as well!
  12. welcome to the PF!
    you can get them from - Balenciaga New York, Aloha Rag or from our very own Marketplace... and other stores - which im sure other PF members will help you out with....
    enjoy and welcome!
  13. Van Ravenstein in Amsterdam - they will post overseas too!
  14. thanks everyone! i can't wait to get one!
  15. I've seen B bags on styledrops.com & raffaello-network.com. Don't know much about them though.