Where do you bounce? I'm curious what other forums

  1. Hi all Chanel lovers,

    I'm curious, I bounce around a lot between the chanel subforum and the balenciaga subforum.

    When you bounce around where do you land most often, which designer subforum? Just curious as I know I go back and forth where you go when you are straying.

    For fun!
  2. I'm in Chanel, mostly, but now and then I go back and lurk around Balenciaga and Chloe...
  3. Mostly here, but I also lurk on Gucci and Prada.
  4. I visit the shoe section and YSL, the main bag forum and LV on occassion. I usually feel really out of place in LV though.
  5. When I first joined the forum, the forum only had I think 5 designer sub-forums. There was Chloe, Balenciaga, LV, Hermes, Chanel. I bounced back alot between chloe, balenciaga, and LV. It then went between Balenciaga and LV. Now Im all over Chanel and Balenciaga here and there!
  6. I LOVE the blog section.
    Then I check out the Celeb section :blush:
  7. On occasion I check out the LV section. That's about it.
  8. chanel, lv:wtf:, gucci, prada, ysl, marc jacobs , i went in bal when i got my bbag, i like to float and see whats new in all bags but I never go into coach or dior or tokidoki, sometimes chloe and fendi. Jimmy choo, ok you get the idea . lol . This is why I have been spending so much, it's a fun habit though!
  9. Most of the time I am in the Chanel forum, and then I will bounce off to Balanciaga, Prada, Tokidoki and Chloe for handbags. After that, I will go to the Beauty section :p, celebrities, tv and movies, kitchen....hum...I guess I am pretty much all over the TPF.:shame: Oh, I also do enjoy the Brythe doll thread too, hehe...:p
  10. Here, Balenciaga a bit, the wardrobe, animalicious, and when I am feeling brave, general discussion.
  11. I'm bouncing between Chanel and Louis Vuitton subforums. Then a little Beauty Bar and Celebrity Gossip. But to be honest, all subforums are great. I'm never bored!
  12. Mostly at Chanel. Occasionally at Gucci and LV.
  13. Chanel and Hermes, and a little bit of Prada.
  14. Balenciaga and LV.