Where do you attach your mirror on the classic bag?

  1. Hi,
    I have the string for the mirror on my hobos tied to the large outer ring and put the mirror in the front pocket; for my purse the string is tied to the handle ring and the mirror is in the pocket...Silly question but where do you tie the string for the classic medium bag and where do you put the mirror?
  2. i tied mine to the outside front handle and then just tucked it inside the bag. I use it a lot... I have my mirror tied in the same place as you on my hobo, but I just let it hang inside the bag.

    ETA: my friend undid her small tassel on the inside pocket and retied her mirror and tassel there... she didnt like the extra knot on the outside
  3. mine was pre-tied when i got it. it's on the metal part that holds the strap on facing inward (if THAT makes sense! haha)
  4. My mirror is wherever BalNY had it when I received it. I don't mess around with it. I just put it in the bag and when I need to use it I take it out.
  5. :amazed: do you have a picture posted somewhere...perhaps my glass of wine is going to me head, but I can't figure it out...
  6. Mine, too! It's tucked away inside the bag, but you can see where the tassels are tied to the bag from the outside.
  7. Wow, I'm in the minority here. I always take the mirror off. I can't stand how the tassle is tied to the part of the bag. My mentality is keeping the mirror tassle in as best condition as possible so if i needed a spare tassle, there it would be (regardless if whether I have spare tassles or not)! I'm always trying to flatten the ends of the mirror tassle, heh. I usually put the mirror back in the dustbag or put it in the front zip pocket with the tassles neatly wrapped around it.

    :shame: :shame:
  8. Ahhhh! Good idea, murasaki!!! I didn't think of that!!! Thanks! :biggrin:
  9. Murasaki, that's what I do too. I can't stand the mirror attached anywhere on the bag so I always undo mine. I don't keep it in my bag either though as I know what a clutz I can be, lol. So I just keep it in the dustbag. If I need a mirror I use a compact coz that would be protected in the compact's plastic casing.

  10. same here murasaki i kept the mirror in the dustbag to preserve the tassle incase i need extra tassles in the future :smile:
  11. Mine is tied to the handle (although i've thought about taking if off completely) - It's inside the bag though - not hanging out.
  12. I do this too. I cant stand having the mirror tied on the outside, it just bugs me.:biggrin::flowers:
  13. Me, too. I keep the mirrors in the dustbags because I have a little mirror anyway which I use and these are useless for me. I keep them for the spare tassles.
  14. ME TOO!! I keep the mirrors with the spare tassles in the boxes.