Where Do You All Get Your GORGEOUS Charms?

  1. Yes, a relative newbie question! As I salivate over all your stunning bags, I'm awaiting delivery of my very first BBag and planning for its arrival is at LEAST as exciting as it was for my first baby! (I THINK I'm kidding - but maybe not!!) Everyone seems to have these really lovely charms....are they Balenciaga? Do you collect from various sources? Where do I start? :confused1: And are they what I've seen to referred as "boobies"???? And - seeing as I'm admitting all my ignornace, what the H#$&@ does "DH" stand for??? ("dear husband"?? I think not...lol)

    Thanks in advance for education me! This is by far the MOST fun forum (there are other great ones, but you guys make me laugh every day...) and it was actually all of you who convinced me to enter the BBag fray. Now I'm afraid...I'm very afraid....:nuts:
  2. This is such a great question!!! I was wondering that myself last night. I saw a metal butterfly chain hanging. I love it and want to know where did it come from!?I saw some cool beadlike hangers from the front pocket.
  3. Many of us have bought purse charms off eBay, and other still from Coach, Banana Republic, etc. Of course, we have our own resident charm-maker, Deana, who uses one of the extra tassels from your bag to make a OOAK charm just for you.

    There are a lucky few who managed to buy the Balenciaga Planet/Boobie before they were discontinued. You can still find a few of those on eBay or from tPF's own, realdealcollection, who has her own pre-loved Bbag site.

    Hope you find some charms for yourselves...

    P.S. DH actually DOES mean dear husband...
  4. I know! They personalize the bags so beatifully and in some of the photos - dare I say it??!! - they are the first thing I notice. Some of them are SO sweet! Hopefully, some will share their secrets!! :rolleyes:
  5. Thank you SO much Monsoon! I was wondering if it was considered "verboten" to mix other designer charms...that's one mystery solved. And many thanks for the DH info. So...I'm not quite as stupid as I thought?? :smile: Now, I have to start the big hunt for charms with which to welcome and adorn my imminent "blessed event"! I'll certainly start with your suggestions. Thanks so much again.
  6. thanks for that info monsoon. I was admiring the charms on Deana's bag and I was wondering if she made them or got them somewhere. they are gorgeous! I will keep my eyes out for one on ebay.
  7. deana's bags look like they were made for the beads, they are perfect.