Where do y'all buy your birkins?

  1. Hi ladies - I'm a newbie and I have a handbag obsession (there, I said it)- my last purchase was a Chloe Edith in whiskey. I have wanted a Birkin for years and recently when I stopped into my local Hermes boutique (Manhasset, New York) and asked about buying a Birkin, I was told (rather coldly) that the waiting list was closed and none are coming in. Yikes!! Are people using other sources besides Hermes stores? Thanks for your help.
  2. Hello Ronn and welcome, welcome, welcome!

    I have been waiting ever so long for a Birkin.

    Most of the ladies on the forum only purchase through Hermes. Some are on waitlists, some have been customers many times over and the SA's will just call them, there has been one buyer that I remember that purchased off ebay, and one looking at a consignment store. Some others just continually go into a store as often as they can to find a bag by chance.

    What I suggest you do is begin reading as many posts as you can and learn from everyone. Ask questions and see how things have been working out for the ladies.

    It is tough just to point blank answer that. You will find a method of finding your bag if you have patience. You will also enjoy all the stories you read here.

    Congratulations on your Edith. I wanted one of those, but I am waiting patiently for my Birkin.

    Again, welcome!!!
  3. I got mine from the boutique, and will definitely be getting my next from the boutique as well. Thats a lot of money to risk on ebay, and even if it were guaranteed I would NOT want to pay that kind of markup. Birkins seem to come in all the time over here, so while a waitlist would be great, birkin hunting is fun as well :biggrin:
  4. Hello and welcome! I am one that has purchased from e-bay. It was risky and I came here after and people helped ease my mind with the purchase. I bought a kelly first and got a great deal on that - and then bought a birkin (it's a bad, bad addiction!)...I'm very happy - the closest store is 1.5 hrs. away and I don't get there often. I don't have patience for waiting either....so I am quite pleased with e-bay....it seems so many people are having good like I feel there must be good Hermes vibes from visiting! What are you looking for in leather and color?
  5. Hi Shoes319! I'm just looking for a basic black 35 birkin with silver hardware... and frankly I don't have patience for all the attitude in the Hermes boutiques. Considering I'm willing to spend the money I don't appreciate the treatment I got at the store. I live in New York and shop in plenty of upscale stores, and there is no excuse for that! I'd be real happy to buy through ebay, but I'm so afraid of getting a fake. Hearing about your experience is reassuring, tho.
  6. There is no excuse for that type of behavior, but don't let that one sales associate ruin it for you! You are just as entitled as anyone else to go into the Hermes boutique, feel and inspect the bags and to purchase a Birkin if one is available. Unfortuntately, it's hit or miss and you just need to keep checking back to see if a birkin happened to come in (and usually the person who ordered it no longer wants it). Try to become friendly with a SA so that you can get teh inside edge next time you visit. Good luck though, I hope you find the birkin you are looking for!
  7. Hi Ronn! I'm in a similiar situation to shoes (not that close to a Hermes boutique, impatient) ... and actually I've been emailing her. She's helped me through my indecisiveness of whether or not to get one through ebay. Actually I think she's been more of an enabler hah. At one point I had convinced myself to wait for one from the boutique, but somehow I wound up purchasing a Birkin last night through ebay!!! Hopefully I'll get it soon so I can post pictures!

    There are several trusted ebay sellers that sell authentic Birkins. Even though they list their auctions with outrageous prices, I've found that if you email them with a reasonable offer, they are more than likely to take it. Only those that are completely clueless would pay the price they are asking! I did my research beforehand, finding out how much they retail for. Since Hermes increases their price every year, and if I had to wait 2-3 years on a waitlist, the price I'm paying now is actually probably very close to what I would have had to pay if I waited, but I get to have my bag now!!

    Anyways, ebay is definitely a viable option if you don't want to deal with the hassle of the boutique, but there are several lucky ladies that have found their dream birkin just by walking into the store, so it could happen!! Good luck!
  8. Diana, what you said is totally true. OH MY, I can't wait to see your bag!
    Welcome, Ronn! I'm sorry the SA was rude. Most are just wonderful to work with. I hope you find your dream Birkin soon!
    In the Hermes Info thread, I listed some great sellers if you decide to do the ebay thing.
  9. About the cold attitude you encountered: I experienced it the first time I spoke with the SA who later recommended that I be put on the waiting list (but it turned out they had my dream birkin in the back so I never got on the list because I bought the bag the same day I was determined "waitlist worthy"). So, the coldness can turn into warmth. Go into hermes often, wear Hermes, and don't give up!
  10. I bought mine from the boutique but i did counterplating on getting one from ebay. However, i did not do so because of the friends here on this forum told me to wait.

    I think both ways are ok, as long as u can make sure the ebay item is authentic and the markup is not too outrageous.
  11. I don't have a Birkin ... yet ... but I buy all my Hermes stuff at the boutique because it's such a cool experience. Everyone here knows of my "champagne" toast when I bought my Kelly. I definitely want another champagne toast whenever I do get the Birkin.
  12. I came up with a great idea! For those who buy on e-bay or don't get the same treatment, we can have a PF champagne toast 'round the world! I love champagne!!!:love: And Hermes bags...:love: And the PF where I can totally obsess about it all!
  13. Hhhmmm....counter offering is a good idea! Do you know what % increase hermes has every year?
  14. I love this idea :love: :love: :love:

    We can start with the next one who gets a Birkin or Kelly!
  15. :cry: :cry: Can we start from the last one who gets it??? :cry: :cry: