Where do u put your bbag in restaurant?

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  1. Bbag is not a structure bag & it's so slouchy, where do you ladies put your bbag in restaurant? If you put it on the floor, the corner & the bottom of the bag will get dirty soon. I am worried about oil from the food get splatter onto bbag too. Where do you put your bbag in restaurant? Please share! :yes:
  2. I pray that there are corners on the chair where I can hook my bbag. If not, I've been known to put it in the back of my seat even if I have to be a little uncomfortable for the meal. lol
  3. I always put it on my chair behind me or if there is an empty seat next to me, there it goes =)
  4. I'm the same: If the chair has a high ladder back, it goes on the rail, if not it goes behind me, or on a chair next to me.

    I totally stress about stuff like this. I don't like ANY of my bags on the floor!
  5. Usually i sit in booths so that is easy.. if not and there is no extra chair available or whatever i just sit it in my lap and put the napkin over top. I trust myself more not to drop food than others bumping it and knocking it on the floor or spilling stuff on it if it was on the back on my chair. I am protective of my babiesss:heart:
  6. i prefer an empty chair, or even sitting it in my lap (in bar-type instances), but if i must, ill put it on the floor (i know, not good, but as much as i love my bbags, i love a good meal more :biggrin:)
  7. i have a thing since i was in school where i always put my bags on my lap.
  8. I grab an empty chair and put the bag right next to me and I'll look over to see if "she's" ok in between my bites. :p Recently, I'm thinking of investing in one of those smart bag hanger hooks...
  9. I only trust my own lap... if it's on a chair, I CONSTANTLY turn around to make sure it's still there. The lap has a downfall, though... I spilled water on her today while I was scarfing a crepe :crybaby:
  10. I never put my bags on the floor. I try to find an empty chair wherein my bag can sit on or I place it on my lap if there is really no chair available.
  11. Irissy: the smart bag hanger hook sounds interesting! Where can you buy it? Thanks!
  12. Usually on the back of my chair if I feel it's secure and no chance of someone banging it or dropping food on it. Otherwise behind me on the chair. NEVER on the ground :wtf:
  13. Either on a spare chair, or on my lap...

    I have a habit of putting my bags on my lap, and people always ask

    "Do you have heaps of money in there or something..."

    I guess it looks like I am guarding it with my dear life, but its just a habit, and I also dont want to put it on a grotty floor!
  14. My boyfriend just gave me this really cool "purse hook"- it folds up into a little pouch and you slip one end over the table top and hang your purse safely under the table on the hook. I LOVE it!!!

    36UI052 BAG HOLDER Product
  15. I always hang my bbag on the chair next to me then cover it up with my coat. I'd rather my coat catch the spill than my bbag. Also pull the chair alittle closer to you. Never on the floor!!