where do u place your bag in a plane?

  1. i saw the thread about bus/ public transport .. how about in a plane :idea: ?
    i really try to avoid putting my bag on the floor but recently when there's no empty seats beside me i had to put it on the floor on the plane :sweatdrop: still i'm worry about all those germ etc for my leather bag :shrugs:
  2. on my lap or up in the compartment thing....the ground BOTHERS me lol ...the compartment too but less :smile:
  3. thanks for the quick reply :smile:
    my middle size bag will never be allow by air stewardess to be on my lap due to airplane safety requirement .. and i'm worry someone can steal something when it's in the overhead compartment :p so guess i'm really stuck here haha
  4. I guess you could tuck your dustbag in your purse for use on the plane if you're really concerned. :smile:
  5. yup that's what i was thinking of .. in fact maybe the dustbag inside another disposable plastic bag or something? think i'm going to look weird to other passengers if i really do it :lol:
  6. I put it under the seat in front of me so that I can see it.
  7. Same here..no way I'd let them put it in the compartment..where I can't see it. just worries me.
    I leave it infront of me for take off and then I take it back and put it beside me the whole time on one of the arm rests.
  8. I always go for the floor - I once watched a woman put a really lovely Longchamp leather bag in the overhead compartment, and then the weird tourist behind her put his backpack in front of it, and just shoved it in. She was already sitting down, so I don't think she noticed, but it sure made my eyes water!
  9. ^^^I've seen my regular stuff in the overhead smashed by other passengers putting giant suitcases on top of it, or in front of it. It's not the danger of theft so much in the over head, as the danger of smooshing.
  10. On a plane I always bring a tote bag, and my bag goes inside that.

  11. ditto:yes: :yes: :yes:
  12. on my lap unless its a long flight then i put it under the seat in front of me on top of my shoes :smile:
  13. I usually put it under the seat. Sometimes I am in the from row and I try to hide it in my seat so I don't have to put it in the overhead. I carry medium to small sized bags so I usually squeexe it in to the side of me and cover it with my sweater. It just bothers me when I can't see. I also go into my bag a lot during the flight for gum, chapstick, etc.
  14. Same here :yes:
  15. Me too!!