where do u guys buy ur balenciaga?

  1. hey all,

    i ve seen so many beautiful balenciagas posted on this forum. just wondering where u guys get them. i went to Barneys new york in boston but the collection is quite small. and for some reasons i thought they sell the Work for something like 1500$ (i think u guys posted the price as 1195$). please correct me if i m wrong.

    also do u guys know if diabro.net sells authentic?

    thanks a bunch!

    i need my first balenciaga!!

  2. The only store around me that carries Balenciaga is Neiman Marcus and I just hate going in there. I wish Balenciaga would open a boutique here.
  3. Saks. I hate going in there...the SAs are some of the biggest snobs I've ever met!
  4. I got mine from Ann's fabulous finds. in canada you can only get them at hold renfrew
  5. I just called up Balenciaga in New York. They have the largest selection and they ship worldwide.
  6. i either go to Harvey Nichols London or selfidges London for mine, because im in England.
  7. Neimans, but I would buy one in another large, namebrand store. That way, I have zero doubts about authenticity....
  8. I'm in Asia and we have a couple of reputable resellers here who bring in new bags every season.
  9. barney's
  10. What? Does Neimans have some fakes?:wtf:
  11. so far ebay and aloha rag. Saks and Niemans are the worst for high end items. I always get the worst help, they treat me like I don't have money spend.
  12. I have gotten them just about every place. I always seem to pick the most hard to find color/style combinations so I have to buy them where I can get them. But I like buying from out of state so I can save on sales tax. Many places will ship for free too.
  13. hi mint, welcome!

    the Work should retail at 1385$, regular hardware. i got my 1st bbag from diabro.net, and hope to get my 2nd one from aloharag.com :smile:
  14. RDC, Barney's and e***. My next purchase will probably be either from AR or BalNY.;)