Where do u get ur handbags

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  1. what places are your fav to shop for bags????
  2. Dfs :smile:
  3. At the actual boutiques, NM, saks, and some online shops.
  4. eBay....Bergdorf Goodman....
  5. I've always wanted to shop for bags at e-bay. But I've always been afraid of getting ripped off (buying a fake bag w/ a authentic price LOL).

    I wish I had skills to spot a real & fake with photos. I know you can return it if it's fake & get your money back...

    By the way Issmom have you ever purchased a fake bag on e-bay? If ever did you get your money back? (Just very very curious...) Cuz one day I think I would really like try ebay.
  6. If you are going to buy bags on Ebay, you really should be recommended to a seller. I did not know who I was buying from and I purchased two bags that were said to be authentic, butthey were fake. I also bought a wallet, which was authentic, but the wrong color. I got my money refunded in by all three, but for two of the items it was through paypal, and a long process.

    Along the way I found a powerseller who really gave me an education on how to buy on Ebay.
  7. I guess it was a trial & error process?
    I only know of mypoupette recommended sellers. But their sales are mostly just LV's.

    My gosh fake bags :hrmm: ...It's also scary that they replicate receipts too. :suspiciou
  8. ^^^yeah, especially those people who sell the receipt templates lol, bastards. I know people use phony receipts but I never knew how they got them until I saw those auctions :blink:
  9. But overall I think the "bait & switch" is what I'm mostly afraid of. :sad:
  10. I've bought a bunch of bags on eBay but none of them were the most commonly counterfeited brands -- Chanel, LV, etc. I've bought Bottega, Coach, Tod's, Celine, Michael Kors, Hogan and Hermes (tho' that's a frequently counterfeited one).

    Investigate the seller. Read ALL the feedback. One negative comment is more telling than four pages of positive comments. What was the negative comment and can it be explained/understood? Look at the price/value relationship. Some bags will ALWAYS be more than retail on eBay. No one is going to get you a Birkin TODAY for less than retail. Pay attention to the season. If the stores are having clearances, stuff will show up on eBay. That time of year, you might get something at retail because it was bought on sale. Some things NEVER go on sale and you should be suspicous if its below retail. Sometimes used is a viable option. A used Kelly or Birkin is no shame at all!

    Bottom line, there are no shocking bargains to be had. If the bag is worth big $$$$, it will sell for big $$$$. Go to the boutiques and learn the markings the bag should have and ask for photos of that part of the bag.

    I also found that you can paste an auction link into a thread on the Community page of eBay and other members will help you authenticate the item before you bid. I've never been burned but I've tried to be really careful. If you find an item you like, "study" the auction for a while. Pick a top bid and stick with it.

    Good luck!

  11. Issmom- That is awesome info! I'm sure that helped a lot of people out!!
  12. Thanks for the tips! I guess I can check ebay for some bags that are d/c but still must haves. Hmmm...

    Thanks! :smile:
  13. Hey my favorite place to shop is Claires
  14. I brought some of my purses from eBay and the rest are from Neiman or Saks.
  15. My first venture w/ ebay! I have some bids already. Watching...watching...(crossing fingers)...I hope I get em'!!!