where do u find.....

  1. where do you find out what other kinds of things a eBay lister has sold? i have saw where ladies in the MJ form has posted a link to where you can see a list of items someone has sold.
    This is a very beneficial thing to have, if i could only find it. lol! could any one here point me in the right direction?

    thanks!! :heart::heart:
  2. You have to do an advanced search, then type in the seller's name. You'll then be able to choose listings that they posted and have ended.
  3. Thank you guys SO much!! :heart::heart:
  4. or you can check feedback, items remain live for 90 days
  5. There's also a really good site called 'goofbay'. You can check all the items the person has bid on in the past 30 days (including those they didn't win). You can also see things like a sellers turnover etc. It is Goofbay.
  6. ah, i was hoping someone would post goofbay. nice.
  7. thanks! you guys were really helpful!! :heart::heart:
  8. Wow, I didn't know about this! Thanks for posting this!
  9. No problem - it's my favorite tool! You can also use it to check for mispellings on items so you can get it for cheap. I haven't done this yet - in fact I have messaged a few people to let them know that their spellings are wrong. I would be tempted if it was something I really wanted though!
  10. ^^^i didn't know that! i will have to check it out!