where do they sell tokidoki bags in texas?

  1. im thinking about going to katy, texas for a trip to visit family. where would i find tokidoki bags there? (what macys, bloomingdales, filene's basement, any small boutique shops?)
  2. i don't know ANY macy's/bllomie's/Saks/Nordies/kohls or any other store that sells tokidoki bags in the Dallas area, besides Metropark. And they're only located in the major cities .. here's a list of their locations: http://www.metroparkusa.com/locations/TX#locations

    i would try Ross's or Mashall's, my coworker claims that one of her family friends always finds stuff at Marshall's, i dont know how! and i dont know which, 'cuz i've scoured EVERY store and haven't seen one. The closest I came to was seeing arancias at Ross, and at the time I didn't know that the foresta print was on the inside. :sweatdrop: *d'oh*
  3. Metropark and that's IT.
  4. Metropark and SoHo...I would stay away from Soho...kinda snotty and rude. I got my first Toki @ Metropark in the Galleria.
  5. Also...don't go to Ross/TJ Maxx/Marshall's or Lohmann's...They don't have squat. They have regular Lesportsac but no Toki.
  6. soHo?? o:huh:Ooohh.. there's one near me! Must check it out later...
  7. out in el paso macys does carry toki or they did when i was there
  8. The people @ SoHo on Memorial and on Woodway drive me nuts!!! They have Pirata only @ Memorial.According to my friend she put them on sale and then the next week when I went to look she jacked them back up to full price!! The owner is weird. I don't think Woodway has anything left. They had some shirts on sale and tanks but I am pretty sure they are all gone and won't be getting anymore.
  9. Well I'll let people know what they have out here in Dallas. I found a SoHo store that's located at The Shops at Willow Bend, hopefully they'll have more stuff. And hopefully they'll be nice...

    great! the only macy's in tx that sells tokidoki and they're only 9 hours away from me.. pshh. (just another reason for me to dislike this state).. bummer..
  10. This is a really great thread. It helped me out too. :smile:

    Do you guys prefer to buy online or in store?
  11. Either or for me. I have bought all except one online. I will now only buy from SH or Seattle, unless someone has a good sale.

  12. lol same here!! i have actually not bought a single toki from a store around here. :p although i always stop in to look at metropark, i hate that there's never anything on sale :sad:

    i've made purchases at pulse, japanLA, eBay and Southampton (as well as from individual sellers) :p
  13. I've gotten all of mine online so far... 1 from Seattle and the rest from TPF/LJ peeps...

    @Titty: awesome! You're in Garland! Finally someone else who can feel my pain of not being able to find anything in Northern Dallas/TX. Let me know if you find any other places that sells tokidoki besides Metropark & SoHo.
  14. I remember seeing Lesportsac at Urbanoutfitters, however, they weren't Tokidoki.. :sad:
  15. thank you everyone...i will keep those stores in mind when i or if i got to texas