Where do they sell Kooba bags? I am new at this...

  1. Ive never bought a Kooba bag. I just saw one today and i am obsessed! super cute! the one i saw was a dark Sienna bag i think.. very pretty. I was wondering where you can get one for cheap? What websites? What stores? Off Fifth? Please let me know. Also I really like the rough leather rather than the smooth leather what do you call the rough leather on a kooba bag? Thank you
  2. Hello...and welcome to unlimited enabling! If I were you, and I were near an Off Fifth or Nordie's Rackroom, I would go there and look at the Koobas in real life. Also, if you were near a Saks, that would help. You have to see them first. I don't think I would recommend just buying one off a website first. You should see them in person. Then you can decide on the style and the weight of the bag. Koobas are not lightweight, for the most part. They are very substantial beautiful bags with amazing hardware and lining. I should add that they are not too heavy to carry around, either.....just substantial. Are you near an outlet Mall?
  3. I agree with Compass Rose, get yourself off to a few stores and try all the Kooba bags on. You will get a feel for what works for you. I'm overseas so unfortunately I cannot see the bags before buying, but if I could, that's the direction I would go first. If you find the prices are high, then you can do some homework on the Internet, but right now a lot of the stores have good pricing on previous season's bags. Good luck!
  4. I also agree w/ the above sentiments!
    Koobas can be deceiving in size when u pics of a bag on-line. You should see them IRL and wear the bag to see how the bag fits u.
    The great w/ Kooba is that there are many different styles and sizes that should fit to ur tastes and body frame.

    Hope u find one that u will treasure! :love: