where do they have ink twiggys left?

  1. I think I converted my best friend to become a b-bag lover! She took a look at my ink twiggy and said, "I WANT ONE TOO!". I think I remember somebody saying that somewhere (either NM or BalNY or BarneysBH) has like 10 ink twiggys or something?

    Does anyone remember? I tried searching through the threads but I can't find it. Thanks!
  2. i think "Barney's" in nyc had ink twiggy's left as of 1 week ago...you should call lilly over there (she's a super-sweet SA) :tender:

  3. I saw a couple of ink bags at Barney's (Boston-at Copley) but I don't remember if they had a twiggy)
  4. Two weeks ago Lilly at Barneys NY on Madison Ave said that she had 20 left! I was very concerned about buying a bag unseen, but she was very awesome and listened to what I wanted and sent me a super evenly distressed bag. I don't like it when the front is veiny and the back/ sides are smooth, or the other way around! Also, I ordered it on Friday, got the $18 2nd day air (very cheap IMO!) and it arrived on Tuesday, so they shipped it out on Saturday!

    I wish you well,

  5. yippy, congrats for you Bridget-girl, isn't lilly the best?!?! :tender:
  6. THANKS GUYS!!!!!! I'll give lily a call. also, i guess they'll charge both tax and shipping to california right? Odd told me that if they have "presence" in CA, they'll charge tax....too bad! Maybe i can apply for the Barneys card over the phone and get that 10%.
  7. does BalNY charge tax?
  8. Bal NY only charges tax if you live in NY or NJ (their corporate office is there).
  9. ok, i'll try contacting Joseph over there. yay, no tax!