Where do the celebs in Vegas hang out?

  1. A bunch of girl friends and I are going to vegas this spring. I would love to go to a club and see a celeb. Any ideas where the hot spots are?
  2. I think that the night club "Pure" (at the Ceasars Hotel) is a celeb favourite... as we hear of it so often :smile:

    My parents went (business thing) and apparently there were some celebs there (no one A-List though but it was such a random night so...) :smile:
  3. The times I have been to Vegas I have seen many celebs just in the Bellagio casino.
  4. You need pay a mighty tab to get a table. My old boss actually gambled up some money and struck it big one night at blackjack. His wife was begging him for a Louis Vuitton. He, instead, cashed his money on an expensive bottle of wine to be able to sit down at a table in the VIP section of one of these clubs. Well, at the end he paid 1,000 on booze, schmoozed with celebrities and his wife who is an accountant could count herself without a Louis Vuitton.
  5. I saw Jay Leno at the MGM Grand, getting on the elevator. Also Burgess Meredith looking mighty old and senile.
  6. Pure, Jet, Tao, & the Playboy club seem to be the really hot spots now. Especially Pure!
  7. Pure and Hard Rock Hotel
  8. You don't have to gamble in the VIP section to see them...they are on regular tables. Just keep your eyes open
  9. Britney spends alot of time at the one at the palms.
  10. Poor lady, she should have bought it herself. She shouldn't have to rely on her husband to get her one.
  11. when u go during a convention I.e. magic show, or perhaps the NBA all star game (in vegas this year), you'll probably see some celebs
  12. GO to LVRJ.com & go to Norm's column. It gives you almost a daily run down of who was where.
    The adult video show is here right now. We call it the porno convention. Alot of the young single ones are here for that. D&G is right, anytime there is a big convention or sports game, they come here. Consumer Electronics Show was popular cause some are paid to attend the parties or be in the booths. The broadcaster convention is coming up end of month, that will bring in alot cause some are paid to be in the booths. Superbowl, Any all star games, opening a new casino, 3 day weekends or holidays are popular too.
  13. thanks for all the info. i was wondering this too!
  14. The two hottest spots right now are Tryst at Wynn and playboy club at The Palms. Also, a lot of celebs go to The Foundation Room because of the private dining.
  15. pure, rain, tao...all good bets...the pams, too.