where do the bags not sold go?

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  1. i was wondering last night... if designers like Chanel and LV never sale or discount or outlet their handbags, then what happens to the stock they cannot sell? you will rarely find a past season in their stores... so where do those unsold bags end up?
  2. Chanel does go on sale. The may even have an outlet. Many brands go on sale an have outlets and then probably to a TJ Maxx at some point. LV never goes on sale and I heard that they are destroyed.
  3. With LV case, I know they are destroyed.
  4. Chanel seasonal bags do go on sale

    Hermes are sold at sales, sometimes at staff sales. These are marked by an S

    LV doesn't do seasonal, only Ltd Eds and they sell until they're sold out. Other bags are available until they are eventually sold. Only seconds are destroyed
  5. Chanel bags do not go on sale anymore (at least not in the US); however, sometimes seasonal bags are included in gift card promotions from authorized retailers (NM, Saks, etc.).