Where do reputable eBay sellers get their Louis Vuitton bags from?

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  1. Where do sellers, such as let-trade and eboutique get their authentic Louis Vuitton and Chanel accessories from? Sometimes, they have LV that are not even in production anymore! Where do you they get it from? :confused1:
  2. From what I understand the ladies in HongKong love new and fashion so much they buy and then sell in a quicker turnaround. Therefore some of the bags from there are gently used and authentic is plenty.

    Otherwise, I don't know. Bags sitting in a closet? Inherited?
  3. Think they're mainly consignment for sellers like Let-Trade.
  4. i think just when other people decide to sell the bags consignment..
  5. I think let-trade is a consignment store.
  6. I have no ideas about LV seller but I saw one seller who have been selling Chanel accessories for more than 3 yrs sell very-overpriced items. Too much expensive than retail.

    Some eboutique bags are expensive than retail.
  7. From my understanding, Let-Trade acts as a consignment store.

    As for eBoutique, I thought they purchased all of the bags themselves? :shrugs:
  8. Okay everyone, brace yourself, I do not want to be sued...so let me preface this with "this was told to me by a reputable LV insider." Here's the deal. Prostitution is legal in Hong Kong. Allow me to clarify, pimping is illegal. Some of our "authentic LV Hong Kong sellers" get their bags from escorts. You see, these ladies tell their customers to pay them in Louis Vuitton bags. These ladies are quite business savvy and they know that they can then consign or sell their LV bag to one of the "authentic LV Hong Kong sellers" and end up making more money than if they accepted money from their customer. Not always pretty, but certainly interesting isn't it. Now remember ladies and gentlemen you are not being paranoid to clean the heck out of your used LV bag when it arrives from Hong Kong! Are baby wipes enough!!??
  9. Yeesh :wtf:
  10. omg :wtf: how can u say that? :cursing:

    i am from hong kong, and no way is prostitution legal. i've lived there for enough years to know this.

    i am sure some customers would like to buy LV bags for the women, but im pretty sure no one will be willing to pay using an LV bag instead of cash, given that the price of prostitution is only about USD50, compared to a bag that is normally ranged from USD500 to USD1k!

    it is true though, that the fashion changes very quickly so a lot of people just keep the bags for 1 or 2 months and sell them to consignment stores, because they are accessible everywhere, and the stores also accept bags of all conditions..whereas the turnover time on eBay would be much longer.

    both pimping and prostitution is illegal in HK.


  11. OK - really, I just can't wrap my mind around this one.

    Is there anything other than prostitution that I can get paid for in LV bags?

  12. Okay I'm going sightly off topic but it all relates On a TV programme (The Shield) a guy was visiting a prositute as payment he gave her "Gifts" usually high end bags this was so he was not paying for sex but simple giving a "girlfriend" a gift later she return the item and got the cash. I know this was a Tv programme but surely this must be based upon fact .... I AM NOT saying that this is what is happening with LV bags and resellers
  13. Umm i have no idea what to say? In your statement you sound as if Hong Kong is a filthy place which its not. I really doubt that let-trade does that.
  14. :confused1:

    I don't think your reputable source is very reputable...
  15. then how come let trade only takes pics outside their house and not inside? (because of the tri pod with the video cam and the sex swing lol)


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