Where do old bags go to die?

  1. On eBay you see used bags in various conditions, and recently there was a Balenciaga hobo that had been chewed up by a poodle...and it was purchased and more or less restored (it looks great, but apparently the feel of the leather is...less than ideal). I'm sort of wondering what happens to bags that are just worn or ruined beyond repair? Do they just get thrown out? It seems like there should be some way to salvage bits of hardware or some interesting pieces. I really like the idea of making something new that includes a relic of something you've cared about in the past - using a buckle or clasp or a bit of leather from an old bag in a new bag or clothing or jewelry or artwork. Has anyone done something like this? Or if you've gotten rid of a really ruined bag, what did you do with it? Garbage? Goodwill? Back of the attic? Just curious...

    (Sort of related - this guy makes some pretty great-looking bags out of old leather coats... http://www.ebeauduin.be/)
  2. Wow - the Beauduin bags are very interesting indeed.

    I had never really thought about and have always thrown out bags that were beyond repair - Now, mind you that I have never had a Balenciaga or Chloe get to the point of "beyond repair".
  3. A lot of my non-designer bags go to Goodwill or my friends who want them.
  4. I've just thrown out a 5 year old Costume National bag that had done its duty. In the kitchen garbage...I didn't know where to recycle leather :lol: .
  5. I donate old bags to others. I just hope that it makes it to them.
  6. i usually sell mine or throw them away. so far my designers are in great condition.. phew!
  7. I want my bags to be there with me when Im 40+ (currently 23), so I care for my bags like thier my prized possessions!
  8. ebay
  9. If I don't want it and I don't think it is worth selling I give it to a charity like Goodwill.
  10. My three daughters play with mine. Granted, none of mine are great bags, but they love them. My oldest (almost 4) carried 3 bags on her walk the other night - a messenger diaper bag for her baby, a makeup clutch, and a monogrammed tote. When my kids tire of my old bags, I will give them to their school - the little ones play dress-up all day long.
  11. kathleen, that's adorable! ;)
  12. I give my old bags to my younger cousins or donate them to Goodwill/Salvation Army.
  13. Kathleen: How cute...
    I donate my bags to Salvation Army.
  14. take all of your old bags,cut the fabric/leather into squares,sew them together and stuff them,and make a cute pillow.LOL I don't know how well that would work,but it's an idea! I like the idea of giving old bags to little girls in your life...start off the next PF generation!
  15. My mother-in-law has done this with some satchels she picked up in Turkey. They turned out nicely.