Where do LVs go when they die??

  1. So LV only sells in their boutiques and on Eluxury - correct?

    So what happens to the LV's from last season? Where do they go when they leave the stores??

  2. I thought they just sold stuff until it sold out.

    Am I misunderstanding the question? i think so...
  3. The bags that Vuitton carries aren't really seasonal, they say that it is seasonal to let you know that they are not part of the permanant collection.. the Vuitton stores and Eluxury will continue selling them until they are sold out.. that is unless there is a recall after the item/line is discontinued. Eluxury does not send back the items, if you see on the website there is still Mono Mat item being offered, even though that was recalled in August of this year. As for the items recalled from the Vuitton stores, I believe they are sent back to the Vuitton warehouse where they are first offered to the Vuitton staff at a lower price, and then if those items are not sold, they are destroyed. If you call 866-Vuitton, they will tell you that there are no more Mono Mat items available.

    If an item is discontinued, you can still find the items (if they aren't sold by then) by calling the 866-Vuitton stores, or asking an SA to help you.

    I'm not sure if this is the question you are asking, but HTH!
  4. For example. I am wanting an Epi Malesherbes BADLY. IT was discountinued a few years ago but there are still a few in the company left.
  5. Thanks - those help:yes:

    What about sellers on Ebay who My Poupette recomends as 'resellers'?
  6. i heard they burn them....
  7. Nah- they dont burn them- they are hiding in my closet!!:yes:
  8. Aaaaw :nuts: I'll come and move in your closet :love:
  9. Can I plleeeeaasssee live in your closet?! :tender: :girlsigh:
  10. Sorry to be annoying with my questions but -- where would these sellers get their bags then? Just from the LV store and then sell them on Ebay to people who don't live near LV??
  11. Yeah, they burn the bags. It's stupid. They should sell the bags that they don't sell to a site like BlueFly.

  12. Either the My Poupette reseller is a Louis Vuitton Collector who sells her bags on ebay to fund her next purchase (but those are few) or a person who acts as a consignment shop.
  13. I personally like the fact that they destroy the bags and never go on sale, it just makes them that much more luxury...maybe it's just me though :smile:
  14. me too...