Where do i put a litter box?

  1. I want a kitty so bad but i have no where to put the litter box in my one bedroom apartment and i dont want it to stink. I have only one bedroom, a kitchen and living room and a porch outside where perhaps i could put the litter box but i am not home enough to always let the cat out. I have three closets one with my clothes so that is a no, one with my bath stuff and one in the kitchen pantry. :crybaby:
  2. Thats a tough one, I moved to a large house recently and the litter box was moved all over the place until I decided the best place would be on the 1st floor (theres 3 floors) in the room that has my washer and dryer in it.

    I had a Littermaid which I loved until the motor burned out...with 2 cats, I scoop the litter box twice a day. The whole thing gets dumped and cleaned and sanitized every Saturday. My biggest pet peeve is a house that reeks of cat!
  3. My friend keeps hers in the bathroom. It won't smell if you clean it often (twice a day is good) and use a kitty litter that absorbs the odor well. My MIL swears by Scoop Away, and it is one of the less expensive brands.
  4. How about under the kitchen sink?

    You could remove one of the cabinet doors and replace it with a piece of cloth attached at the top. Kitty could go in and out by parting the "curtain."

    You can leave the kitchen fan on all day and night.

    Move all cleansers to someplace else, of course.
  5. I put mine in a spare closet, but in my old house I kept it in the bathroom. Or, do you have a quiet cornor of your bedroom or living room where you could "hide" it? Maybe behind the sofa or a big chair? I don't think I'd put it on a porch, though, b/c the little kitten might be tempted to "escape" (unless it's enclosed with a sturdy screen).

    As long as you clean the box regularly it probably won't smell. A lot of the kitty litter these days comes with extra odor absorbing stuff in it. Or you can buy additives to put in the litter box too.

    Hope you get a kittens soon! They make such wonderful friends!
  6. wow thank u yall got some great suggestions :smile:

    i love all of your pets too so cute
  7. When I lived in an apartment I had to keep kittys litter box in the bathroom, wasn't the ideal place but I didn't have a choice. We now have since moved into a house and its kept in the laundry room.

    Try Arm and Hammer litter, we have found that to be the best! You might see about getting a litter box with a little tent or something over it!
  8. My house is very small so the only place where I really have enough room is in the guest bathroom. It's not the ideal spot as now any guest has to use my teeeny bathroom. The laundry room is outside so that's not an option. So, I guess you could say that Amy has her own bathroom. I cannot stand the smell of scented litter as it smells like real strong soap to me so I pretty much clean the box after each time that she uses it.
  9. They do make furniture that has a hidden area built into it for a litter box. They are expensive, though. They look like little end tables or corner cabinets and the litter box is fully enclosed inside of it. If you could afford it, you might get one and put it in your bedroom. You would have to keep it very, very clean though. I hope you are able to figure something out. I can't imagine my life without my cat!
  10. I keep the litter box in the bathroom. It won't smell if you scoop it daily. It's all about keeping up with it.
  11. Try a box with a cover. I used that when I lived in a one bedroom and it was great.
  12. I suggest the bathroom unless you can give up one of the closets. Lucky for me our spare bedroom on the first floor has a closet to put the litter box in.
    I do like the suggestion above about under the kitchen sink. Brilliant!
    Yes...Arm and Hammer Litter is the best by far!!! It's worth every penny!
  13. Good luck!! I never had a cat before but my friend would put her cats' litter box in a closet.
  14. I have 3 kitties and I have 2 boxes in the laundry room. 1 is actually in the utility closet in the laundry room and my DH cut a door in the wall to allow the kitties access. I know in an Apt it is not possible, but back in our early years living in an apt, we kept the box in the bathroom in between the sink and toilet. It worked fine and like everyone said, keep it cleaned regularly, and there will not be a problem with a smell.:yucky:
    My mom is very persnickety about pet odors and she has always commented about our house with 3 indoor cats Never smelling CAT, so one should be fine.:yes:
  15. my dog uses kitty litter and her box is in a spare room in a kennel.