Where do I post authentic checks?? HelpQ

  1. Please let me apologize for maybe not exploring this site enough as many newbies on this site probably do, but I have been on this site for 30 minutes and still haven’t found an answer.
    My girlfriend has a birthday coming up, and has never really owned a designer purse and I really want to get her a nice big Coach purse. I feel that if I’m going to spend a lot of money of course it must be authentic.
    For a man who owns no purse I trust myself pretty good at spotting authentic, but my question is where on this site would I go to ask people if a Coach Purse is authentic?? Also I am in the market for a Burberry shirt and tie and Burberry Bikini for the lady as well. Would it be wise to ask members on this site if something un-purse related was authentic??
  2. Thank you! ^_^