Where do I get a work or overnight in chocolate at a discount price?? Where oh where?


Nov 16, 2006
Okay so I am new at this whole Balenciaga thing but I have a fever! I want a large balenciaga bag in chocolate!! Where can I get it at a discounted price??? Are they even still making it in this color??
They have Chocolate for 20-30% but it's a non-moto bag. It's big, almost a duffle like size. It could definitely be used as an overnight bag.

It was at Neiman Marcus in SF. They also ship out.
What is a non moto bag? does anyone have photos of one and what does it retail for? I really love the city but it's too small for me that's why I like the overnight and work bag.

thanks so much!
If you want a new chocolate color big size of Bbag, I would suggest you get the 06 marron Work or Weekend. Marron is more like dark chocolate color with distressed leather, I got mine with City. You might be able to find one on ebay for the price of $1150-$1200 for a new Work. I got mine from one respect ebay seller for my 07 lilac Work at $1150, so compare to the retail price, it's like 20-30% off.