Where do I get a work or overnight in chocolate at a discount price?? Where oh where?

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  1. Okay so I am new at this whole Balenciaga thing but I have a fever! I want a large balenciaga bag in chocolate!! Where can I get it at a discounted price??? Are they even still making it in this color??
  2. The chocolate color was from fall 2005. They don't make this color anymore but you may get lucky and find one on Ebay.
  3. They have Chocolate for 20-30% but it's a non-moto bag. It's big, almost a duffle like size. It could definitely be used as an overnight bag.

    It was at Neiman Marcus in SF. They also ship out.
  4. What is a non moto bag? does anyone have photos of one and what does it retail for? I really love the city but it's too small for me that's why I like the overnight and work bag.

    thanks so much!
  5. Nevermind I saw the non moto bag, not my style at all.
  6. It looks similar to the one n page 2 here:
  7. If you want a new chocolate color big size of Bbag, I would suggest you get the 06 marron Work or Weekend. Marron is more like dark chocolate color with distressed leather, I got mine with City. You might be able to find one on ebay for the price of $1150-$1200 for a new Work. I got mine from one respect ebay seller for my 07 lilac Work at $1150, so compare to the retail price, it's like 20-30% off.
  8. If you want a Marron ... LVR (luisaviaroma.com) had Parttime, Afternoon and Mid Afternoon in Marron for 30% off last week. Call them and see what they still have.
  9. good luck finding ur bbag i think chocolate is a great color :smile:
  10. How did you get to know this? Did you ask or are you on a notification-list? :shame: