Where do I get A Dustbag?

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  1. So when I bought my tote the other day at the factory store it didn't come with a dustbag or care card where can I get these from??
  2. You can buy them off of ebay if I'm not mistaken...
  3. You could ask for a dust bag at your local Coach store, they may give you one.
  4. I think they would look at me like I was crazy lol The coach stores here in Vegas are a bit on the snooty side lol
  5. That's too bad. I've asked for one & it was given to me no problem. I had somehow lost the dustbag for one of my legacy bags I bought there. Never did find it!
  6. I asked for one when I bought it and the girl said if there wasn't one in the bag that it didn't come with one :sad:
  7. I originally called JAX and they hassled me, but I finally go them to set up a request. I asked for two large dust bags and got one medium (it just showed up the mail yesterday, after a couple of weeks). Unfortunately, it doesn't fit my bags. However, at the store, I explained my issue, and they gave me 3 large dust bags...absolutely no problem! Just tell them the size you need and that you didn't get it with your bag, and they will usually do it no problem if they have extras in the back. I also asked for one of the small white belt dust bags for the capacity wristlet that I bought, and no problems with that either. The only problem was that they totally screwed up my order (which is another story)...wrong wristlet and the platinum Bridgit was missing the metal snap logo that's with the hangtag! Sadly I didn't realize this till driving back home (an hour away)....
  8. I think I will try to find one on Ebay I don't wanna have to hassel with the SA about it lol. I think I will be going back to the factory store to buy the matching wallet for my purse...I looked on ebay and they are way cheaper at the factory store!