Where do I find a blush Stam or Elise?

  1. I am kind of hoping for your help :yes:

    I am totally in love with the blush color and want a Elise (preferred) or Stam bag in this color, but where can I find one? I live in Europe.

  2. Members believe Blush Stam is exclusive to Eluxury.com, it's sold out now (check their site often, it pops up once in a while).

    As for Blush Elise, it's sold at Neiman Marcus/Bergdorf & Marc Jacobs (Patent Elise is not carried by Nordstrom).

    I called NM in Beverly Hills, there's 1 Blush Elise left so I ask the SA to hold it for you. The store number is 310-550-5900, ask for Alex Loyan (his cell number is 323-633-4179).

  3. bag.lover - you are amazing :flowers: I really appreciate it, but since I live in Europe (Denmark to be excact) they dont ship :sad::sad::sad:
    I hope one shows up in Europe soon. Also considering getting the Elise in black patent, and I understand you have one? And love it?

  4. I forgot to check where you are from. Sometimes a store might be able to send it to you, not sure if S&H fee will be too much though. Let me know if you want me to call & ask the SA about shipping oversea.

    Yup, I love my black Elise in Patent. =) I tried getting it in Blush as well -- gave up after getting 2 bad ones from NeimanMarcus.com, figured it's a sign that I should have 1 only. It's very beautiful in other colors as well -- Midnight (blue) and Chalk (off-white). I wish I can have all of them, you can tell how much I love this bag.

    Does net-a-porter ship to Denmark? If yes, there's currently a free shipping promotion code (FREESHIP2) right now. Patent Elise was available there, but I believe it's completely sold out now.
  5. My first choice would definitely be the Elise in blush patent.. I love how the patent leather looks. Yes NAP does ship to Denmark and I have been looking there for awhile, but so far no luck. I did find a chalk though, but I am not sure about the color - is it very white? Or do you find it as lovely as the blush?

    I fell in love with the Elise right away, so I guess I should stick with that and wait for the right one. A black or blush in patent - or maybe the chalk is as nice.

    Thanks a lot for being so helpful, I really appreciate it! :flowers::flowers:

  6. Hanne,

    Chalk Elise is very nice as well, it's not totally white. I would describe it as an off-white color. A lot of members here preferred Chalk over Blush -- they bought Chalk, but ended up returning them b/c they are concerned with changing colors on light patent leather over time.

    I love Patent Elise from the very 1st time I saw it at my local dept store. =) It's nice in all the colors it comes come in, personal preference rules then. =)

  7. You are so right about personal preference. I guess the black is the safest way to go, but also my second favourite after the blush. Since I just got the limited white Stella a black patent bag would probably fit my needs better. Maybe its easier to find too. Off to Ebay :shame:

  8. Hanne, I'm tempted to get the Blush Elise....
    Some online retailers still have Black Elise, does neimanmarcus.com ship to Denmark? There's a promotion code (SUMMER) for free shipping now through 7/31.

    International Deliveries
    At this time, it is not possible to specify international destinations and U.S. territories when placing an order online. However, you may have your NeimanMarcus.com purchase shipped to an international address by calling 1.888.888.4757.
  9. Thanks a lot bag.lover - I havent seen that! I just knew they didn´t ship, but I remember something about its possible to get an address in US and then they will forward to you.. just cant remember where I read it.. hmmm.

    What was wrong with the two blush Elise you got earlier? I love the blush a lot!! :love::love::love:

  10. Click on Shipping Information on any product info page, and a window will pop up.
  11. I just noticed the same :sad: But thanks for telling me. The ivory stam is sold out too.

  12. sorry about that. for some reason, i read blue not blush.