Where Do I Find 06 Balenciagas Besides ebay?

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  1. I might be slow or what... ugh... I'm crazy in love with 06 city bags and their colors, recently. I didn't like them when they first came out but now I sooooooo want one. Does anyone know where I can get a new one from? ebay is mainly 2nd hand ones and some of the tPFer's bad ebay experience scared me.

    Diabro had some nice ones but all gone now.:crybaby:

    Can someone please help me?

  2. you can find some in stores still, even at BALENCIAGA NEW YORK! never hurts to call around. do you know what style or color you're looking for? that can help narrow your search.

    also, if you aren't afraid of a 2nd hand bag, check out either Ann's Fabulous Finds or realdealcollection - online resellers of 100% authentic Bal bags.

    good luck :tup:
  3. Thanks for all the helpful info ladies. I love grey and india blue color. I'm new to the balenciaga section, will definately search first next time.:P

    Just called up the sydney store, luckily they do have 06 city bags but they are like $2300...so much more expensive than US sellers'...:sad:

    Realdealcollection has lovely bags, thanks nicole2730!!!

    I'll keep searching.:heart:
  4. you can try Cultstatus in Perth, they had a long list of past season city last time I emailed.
  5. I have a 06 grey on layaway at RDC....I'm soooo excited to get it!!:nuts: I'm sure more will show up, and Corey is a doll!!
  6. Hi daisy, I'm in sydney tho, perth seems so far away hehe. Do they take online order? Can they ship it?

    I've actually changed my mind, I want work instead of city now. or maybe both lol.