Where do I authenticate Nike shoes??

  1. does anyone know how to authenticate nike shoes. Dh wants to buy some shoes from eBay but they fake everything this days so I'd like to know if there is a thread or another forum about nike. Thanks a lot, I dont want him to get fake nike shoes from eBay.
    TIA ladies
  2. Hmmm.... Nike sneakers. I'm not sure there are "fake" Nike sneakers out there. Many Nike products were/are made in Vietnam, and I have heard that these factories will sell leftover products not shipped to Nike, or sell the ones produced that don't quite measure up to Nike standards, but I have not heard of fake Nike sneakers. Teeshirts and windbreakers, yes. Not Nike footwear. I imagine that the markup isn't worth the trouble of producing such a complicated and labor-intensive product.
  3. from my experience, i know there are tons of fake nike sneakers in china...like, i would say all except maybe the ones you buy in an official nike store. nike is so insanely popular in asia that it's practically the most faked brand name there, so i'd definitely be aware. maybe you can take it to a nike store to get it authenticated?
  4. I agree with rainyjewels. All the websites with fake bags often have sneakers for sale too, fake sneakers. He wants to buy this f****g shoes that are sold out everywhere, they're from last year I think. There is many on eBay but once again, I dont trust them.
  5. i don't know where you can have nike authenticated BUT maybe you can call nike speaker to a sales rep and ask them to look at it for you?! :wondering
    just a thought
  6. They are probably fake. You have to think that the ppl working in Nike stores (unless there is some obscene color on the shoes) are not that wel versed in the product like those working in say a Louboutin boutique. They are probably really good fakes, and you probably won't be able to find anyone who can tell the diff...
  7. Agreed- Nike is one of the most "faked" brands out there- I would only buy from a reputible seller in the US