Where do European H-lovers buy from online?

  1. I was wondering about this when looking at resellers/H online. Hermes.com doesn´t ship here (Finland, in Scandinavia) so where would a person like me order H from if I wanted to avoid customs? I know Luxury-shops is legit but it is located in Switzerland so any packages from there would automatically go to customs. Any ideas? Or should I just buy from a boutique on a trip to some H-land in Europe?
  2. i think H from Denmark would ship to you!i have friends living in sweden and they used to order from Coppenhagen...
  3. Oh my really:wtf: Good to know (or bad depending on whom you ask). But would I just call them up and place and order or would I have to purchase something in there first (like LV) until they ship to another country?
  4. Lol - I LITERALLY just got off the phone from the Hermes Website Assistance in France (about 10 minutes ago) and they told me they only ship to France.

    BUT in about 3 months they will be shipping throughout Europe - she couldn't give me any more info than that as she didn't know.
  5. You mean they´ll start shipping throughout Europe from hermes.com :nuts: ? That´s amazing! I would really want my first purchase, whenever or whatever it may be, straight from H. Thank you Cal:flowers:
  6. No probs Nola, I'm looking forward to it. The SA on the phone couldn't give a date, just said it will be in about 3 months.
  7. :drool:
    Oh my, I don't know if I can afford this, but temptation, temptation... :sweatdrop:
  8. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  9. Praise be,I always thougt it was a bit crazy a european company not selling to europe:confused1: ..
  10. OMG! Im sure ll b waiting...patience patience patience
  11. I think it has something to do with the VAT, which is different in each European country.
  12. Nola,call them and ask but i think if you give your credit card details and a personal number(if you have in finland)should be enough!Good luck!!!
  13. Also, the lady on the H Line said that if I wanted to order from an international store in Europe that I need to contact them directly and they might require a fax with a signature on it for their records.
  14. ^Ooh even more great news, thank you ladies!
  15. I heard about this news from my Paris SA. I've friends living in Europe, they can help me if i'm interested in something! Yay!