Where do ebay sellers get their bags?

  1. I have been wondering about this for a while, there are lots sellers on eBay who sell authentic bags like authentic_lvlady for example. Anyway where do they get their bags? Obviously those that sell brand new bags probable go to outlets, buy in the sales etc but these other sellers are selling used bags, who do they get them from?

    Also if they are selling them for other people then why wouldn't the owners just sell themselves because they must lose out on so much money. And also, even if it is because they can't be bothered and are well off enough not to care then why would they bother selling the bag in the first place and not just keeping it?

    How do these people find these peoples bags they sell?

    I just find it extraordinary that anyone wouldn't just sell themselves instead of paying someone to do it!
  2. Maybe they are selling their own bags.
  3. But some of them have like tons and new ones each day!
  4. I've always been interested in hearing where authentic sellers of LV get their bags, since LV never goes on sale. I've noticed that MyPoupette sellers tend to sell used bags so I'm guessing they are just selling their own or other people's.

    As for other brands, I think they are always on the lookout for sales and go to places like Nordstrom Rack, Off 5th, etc a lot to hunt for good deals.

    Then again, they could always be selling stolen bags...
  5. well some people don't like to sell themselves - selling bags can be a nuisance - I have had my fair share of bad apples on eBay - and I haven't sold a lot either. So if you were to lose out on a bit of money but u get rid of your bag and get some money in return, many people will go for it. Even if people are well off they never mind to have more money - not to mention the amount of clutter that they will have if they keep everything - might as well get rid of them and get something back for it.

    They are probably in the consignment business and they might have an actual store as well
  6. But I heard these sellers take 60%, I just would rather keep it or sell it myself or give it to someone. How do you think they get them? Have stores?
  7. Some of these sellers do sell on consignment, especially the high-end bags. Others, like me, just sell their own bags to fund new ones.

    I used to use a "trading assistant" to sell my stuff. Her commission was reasonable and I didn't have to do anything at all. After a while though, I realized I could do it better (photos, descriptions, etc.) so now I make the time to sell a few things once in a while.