Where do Bal ladies live?

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Where do Bal ladies live

  1. Europe

  2. US

  3. Asia

  4. Other

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
    Reason for asking is I think the Bal forum can be rather quiet sometimes.
    As opposed to the Mulberry forum for instance where most ladies are from Europe/UK and therefore people are logged on at the same time.

    Howevere, sometimes when I log on in the morning I can see a lot of talk has been going on while I was sleeping.

    I'll start ... I'm from Copenhagen, Denmark. Time is 13:50 PM.
  2. Hello to you! I am in Hardy Virginia! Time is 7:51 am!
  3. I'm in Buckinghamshire, England and it's 13:02pm!

    I'd say the majority of people on this forum are from the US and Asia - we'll soon find out!
  4. Manila 9:03pm :smile:
  5. Singapore 9.30pm :smile:
  6. Pennsylvania, 8:31 AM
  7. Michigan, 9:04am
  8. New York City, 9:06 am
  9. I'm in the west of Ireland. But other relatives (apart from husband and son) live in the UK and France.
  10. Singapore, 10.43pm!
  11. Thailand! and its 9.45pm
  12. Spain 4:00 pm ;)
  13. me too! Thailand :smile: now 10.04PM
  14. Oklahoma, 9:19 am.
  15. Australia 2.20 am....yeahh still can't sleep :P