Where do bag prices come from?


Sep 28, 2005
My fiancee and I were talking about my LV the other day, and discussing the impact of supply and demand on purchase prices, as well as the quality of the product and what it's made of--what is the actual bag worth, minus the label? and how much is the label worth? Any business folks around here care to chime in?
Retail is about 300% mark up over your Stores Cost. So if it cost A designer to $100 to make and store gets it for $200 you will pay $600. The less they make the more A Bag cost the Designer. Then we have supply and demand; ouch that can hurt. Gold is $600 % over Store cost. Gee 50% off and less my 10 % discount you get the idea they still have to make some profit.
serendipity3kb said:
I believe we are to blame for the high prices. If a designer knows people will pay for their name they will certainly charge whatever they can to make the most $$$.

I agree 100% when you get to over $600 for A Bag you start paying alot more for the name or hot Bag of the year.
Sometimes the demand for something is greater just becasue it has a higher price. (weather or not it is worth it)

I seem to remember a story from years ago about boxes of chocolate that were not selling at one of the higher end department stores (like NM or Bloomies, etc.) so they repackaged them and sold them for 3x the original price and they couldn't keep them on the self.

I guess we are to blame!
I used to work at a clothing store and our new men's cologne was $80 for 3.4oz. They told us that the real cost was 32 cents a gallon! :nuts: We had to sell sell sell the fragrance b/c that was one of the highest profit items.
Ugh! That definitely explains my disdain for walking through the frangrance dept at ANY dept store! LMAO!
I go to Sephora to avoid the dept store salespeople {also to indulge my addiction to beauty products}:shame: