Where do all the major ebay sellers get their bags?

  1. And for that price?

    I'm scanning through and I see there are some ebayers with DOZENS of bags listed. Some say they've been used, but MOST are brand new with tags. Are they getting them at discount places and then marking them up? Or, do they work at a retail store and use their discount plus a major sale to then sell on eBay? And then, how much, after eBay and paypal fees do you think they are actually making on a bag??? I see so many of them being relisted and relisted too because they are just so high compared to some other sellers....

    I know it's a lot of questions, but I'm trying to wrap my head around the idea of selling for profit and how risky that is... or is it?

    Of course, this started because I'm TOTALLY eying and it's totally out of line with what similar bags have sold for recently...

    Someone here surely knows!
  2. Most of the designer bags on eBay are fake. The ones that are real are either store displays or "seconds" (some defect), returns, second hand from consignment shops, or from the private collections of crazy purse lovers that have too many bags (is there such thing as too many bags?)..
  3. Heh. Heh. Dont do it. Profits? Puh-lease! Between Ebay fees, paypal fees and whatever else, profits are hard to come by. I usually scour Loehmanns, NM Last Call, Nordstrom Rack, and make it a habit to hit up all the big online sales. Sure you can come by some great deals, but Im only speaking as someone who sells something like a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag or a Gustto bag here and there, and usually Im only selling because I bought it for myself and ended up not liking the bag.

    If anything I definitley dont have 15 Louis Vuittons or 10 Coach bags for sale that are all "totally authentic" (LOL they all are right? (sarcasm) ) and amazingly cheap.
  4. As GUNG mentioned, the sellers with tons of high-end bags for a significantly low price are suspicious, but there are sellers out there with a mix of bags that they probably got on sale. It's funny that the OP posted this, because I was wondering this myself. In many instances, I suspect the sellers are sales associates or friends of sales associates who buy the bags with their employee discount and resell them at a profit. I know that reselling is a big no-no with many retailers, so I don't think you could get any seller to admit this. I know that Tiffany offers an employee discount to its employees (SAs, accountants,etc.) but there are stern warning about reselling.
  5. I was wondering this as well too. If they have multiples of a higher-end bag, I'd be worried. Especially if they just re-use the same pictures for every auction.

    There are many dealers online that sell lots of Chanel jewelry in large quantities. I know from other members of TPF that the goods they sell are authentic, but I always wonder if they just go to the boutiques and buy out the stocks and jack up the prices on eBay or if they have some other connection. To my knowledge Chanel only sells to boutiques and department stores, so I always wondered that...
  6. I think some of the Chanel bags on ebay thru legit sellers are purchased during the sale season. Sometimes having the ability to purchase a lot makes SAs anxious to work with that seller. The bags are usually the same that are marked down during the sales.

    I'm definitely cautious of ebay sellers that sell the same bags NWTs over and over again. Those are generally fake bags.
  7. There is a big difference between Coach and Louis Vuitton.

    It's totally easy to come up with 10 authentic Coach bags at a discount, but 15 Louis Vuittons is a different story.
  8. There are certain bags that I've spotted on sale for 30 or 40 percent off on Nordstrom's. Then a week or two later I spot those same bags listed on ebay for just a few bucks less than full retail.

    There was a discussion like this on another fashion board. There were women who said they frequented outlet stores and TJMaxx/Marshall's like every friggin day to snatch up purses by certain designers. They made sure they knew when new shipments were coming into the stores.

    AT TJMaxx/Marshall's I've seen women buying literally carts heaped full of goods like toys and shoes and also returning carts full in the same visit. These stores will let you return anything, and I think they give you as long as a year to do it.

    Personally I would never buy a high-end purse off ebay. Bought one NWT purse that looked like it had been in a car crash. Never again I said. I love ebay for little $5.99 casual purses I can subject to all the horrors of my lifestyle and also quirky vintage bags. But never a "serious" purse. I'd rather pay extra to buy from a reliable source with a good return policy.

    I love J.Jill purses and I've seen at my local J.Jill store purses on sale for considerably less than what sellers try to get for them on ebay. I assume they're buying them during the regular sales at the stores and posting them on ebay for a profit, returning them if they don't sell.
  9. Wow, thanks everyone... I should have stated I am not looking at the high end stuff, but the mid price - Coach/Cole Haan level and the ones I saw are people with a little of this and a little of that.

    I really don't see how they ever REALLY make money on these. I tried to sell a couple of purses I got at TJMaxx and ended up either breaking even or losing a little but in all those cases, I bought the bags FOR ME, and then decided against it and while they still had the designer's tag still on them, I had removed the store tags and discarded the receipt after the month's bills were paid.

    I've gotten several things off ebay and only had a problem once and that was for a stroller. It's just hard to swallow paying full price for a bag online when I can find the same Cole haan bag on ebay for half that price.
  10. I too have seen the carts full at Marshalls/TJMaxx of purses and it has made getting anything name brand near impossible around here. Of course if they put it on Ebay and try to sell it a few times and it doesn't go they can still bring it back as long as it has it's tags on it. There are several big resellers of Louis Vuitton who are actually huge operations on Ebay. They buy under one name and sell under others. Makes getting a deal virtually impossible any more. Not to mention the 1000's of fakes that make their way into peoples homes on a daily basis curesty of Ebay also.
  11. I've found some really nice bags near me... that's another question I have all together, HOW can there be SO MANY TJmaxx's and Marshalls? And WHY do they pretend to be two different stores? They carry the exact some stuff at the exact same time and make labels in the exact same way and have posters in their windows that are almost IDENTICAL for sales/etc.

    Within like 7 miles of (dense burbs of DC) there are 3 marshalls, 3 TJMaxx's, a couple Ross' and a Home Goods store.... and it's around EVERYWHERE like there.

    is there REALLY that many seconds and overstocks around the nation to support all these discount stores??? It was the same in Canada too, but they are called Winners (same company FOR SURE)... and in Philly and in Iowa (we've moved a lot).

    Anyone ever wonder about that???
  12. TJMaxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods are all owned by the same company...not sure about Ross...
  13. There is also the gray market - you know, the stuff that falls off the back of trucks...
  14. I live close to a Coach outlet, and I regularly see people come in on the weekends with TONS of purses they are trying to buy. I believe they ended up putting a limit on 3 of the same style bag (I found this out when I bought two of the same--one for me and one for my sister's birthday), and they told me about it.

    People aren't shy about it, though. They have armfulls of Coach bags at discount prices, load up their husbands like pack mules with duffles and gallery totes hanging off of 'em, and then they list them in their eBay stores.

    I think eBay does offer some great options b/c there are wonderful styles that can still be had for people who don't have access to an outlet. I can't imagine people make too much money, though, unless it's a really HTF style.
  15. a lot of people are lucky enough to be near a Nordstrom Rack, Neimans last call, Off 5th & get really good deals then resell on ebay. and a lot are fake.