Where did your Louis ...

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  1. Go today ?

    Its pouring rain here, so not bags are out. I've been home wrapping gifts for most of the say. I just had my key cles out, to and from dropping the kids off at school.
  2. My Noe went to work and to the grocery store.
  3. Mine went to eat and to my parents house. She might get to go to the mall with me, but I'm just carrying my recital today, I don't need a lot.
  4. My BV went to Borders & Linen's and things. Then it started raining, so my Speedy 25 came out with me and we went to Michael's crafts and CVS. (Yes, sadly I went home to change bags :shame:smile:
  5. My new Reade PM went to the bank, to get an oil change and to Target ... now I'm back to Target (a different one ... looking for a specific gift for the BF) and off to dinner with friends. I just took my cles into work since we were running from room to room doing holiday stuff.
  6. my Louies are still tucked in bed! lol. haven't gone out yet!
  7. my shelton and I are at work right now.
  8. My Multicolore Speedy came to work and shopping with me. She and I are at home resting now =P
  9. I am looking for a good weather to use my new speedy 30, but the weather isn't good since the day I got my bag. The rain is stopped now, but I worry it'll rain again. Maybe I can just carry it to the Walgreen in the corner and run back?!
  10. My Oskar is coming with me this evening to go to the liquor store to get some supplies for the upcoming holiday parties!!!:graucho: :drinkup: :party:
  11. My Louis-es did not go out at all, it was all Gucci today ! :shame:

    What a rainy Christmas this is turning out to be !
  12. just grab my damier cles and epi pocket organizer...the rain is coming down
  13. The rain has stopped, but I have not gone anywhere today as. Fed Ex did deliver my orange perfor pochette cles today. Yea....
  14. my conte de fees pochette is going to work with me
  15. my mc alma is sitting at my spa with me until 8pm. :sad: late nite for the both of us...