Where did your Louis ...

Bag Fetish

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Mar 28, 2006
Go today ?

Its pouring rain here, so not bags are out. I've been home wrapping gifts for most of the say. I just had my key cles out, to and from dropping the kids off at school.
My BV went to Borders & Linen's and things. Then it started raining, so my Speedy 25 came out with me and we went to Michael's crafts and CVS. (Yes, sadly I went home to change bags :shame:smile:
My new Reade PM went to the bank, to get an oil change and to Target ... now I'm back to Target (a different one ... looking for a specific gift for the BF) and off to dinner with friends. I just took my cles into work since we were running from room to room doing holiday stuff.
I am looking for a good weather to use my new speedy 30, but the weather isn't good since the day I got my bag. The rain is stopped now, but I worry it'll rain again. Maybe I can just carry it to the Walgreen in the corner and run back?!