Where did your Chanel go this weekend?

  1. My blue east/west went to a fancy hooka bar.
    My GST had dinner after work at Tavern on Rush, and ran a bunch of errands with me.

  2. my vintage white flap went with me to LA and San Diego (VACATION!) =) I'm from SF and it was my first time in San Diego..and well..second time in LA!
  3. My white east/west flap went to dinner and a movie and my black large cerf tote went grocery shopping!
  4. it stayed in the closet because i was at a dirty fair and didnt want to get it filty
  5. My med/lg black classic flap with gold hardware went to Kobe japanese steakhouse...Then took my Cerf tote away with us to Vero beach for a long relaxing weekend
  6. My white caviar classic flap went with me on a drive up the coast on PCH (pacific coast highway) in a convertible with the top down...then shopping, lunch and the movies - Ocean's 13. Great movie!
  7. My khaki luxe flap went to Rodeo Drive and lunch in San Gabriel.
  8. My Cambon Pink/Black bag went to my favorite casino here on Saturday night!
  9. My denim multipocket went to see The Police with me and my bf on Friday, then new-car shopping on Saturday, then to Father's Day lunch on Sunday! She was quite busy this weekend! :biggrin:
  10. didn't go anywhere:crybaby:
  11. My medallion tote went with me to a friend's birthday celebration dinner at a fine restaurant.
  12. My mc e/w tote went to boyfriends house, for coffee and then for a yummy lunch and her mommy got a little drunk since she had nice white wine and seafood combo. My mc flap went on Saturday night to the Oceans 13! I loved this movie!!!
  13. What a fun thread!
    My Luxe bowler went to SF to shop & to the movies to see Fantastic Four on Friday night.
    My cambon tote went to dinner (sushi) & to the movies on Saturday to see Ocean's 13.
  14. My black cerf went to the movies (Ocean's 13) Friday night after work. My small black classic flap went to dinner on Saturday at the upper west side and then for drinks afterwards at several places on the lower east side. She was everywhere.