Where did you/would you like to get married?

  1. So where did everyone get hitched or where would you like to get hitched? How was it (if you have already)?
    I'll start: I got married at a place called The Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange NJ. I can honestly say that it was a dream come true. The place is gorgeous. It is a mansion that used to belong to the chairman of a pharmecutical(sp) company and he spared no expense in the decor. :heart:
  2. Hey! That's on Eagle Rock Avenue!! I was raised in Roseland, NJ right off of Eagle Rock Ave. Small world.
  3. we got married in Yosemite across from Bridal Veil Falls in this church. This photo was taken the morning after the ceremony.

    yosemite church.jpg
  4. I am getting married in November of 2008. We had to push it back a year to accomodate the extra certification that I need to get on top of my bachelor's degree :sad:

    My fiancee and I will both be 25 when we get married...yikes!!! I feel like my wedding is soooo far away!! I am still super excited, though!
  5. I would love to get married in Maui. I just got back from more than a week there and absolutely love it. I really wish I could live there.
  6. My bf and I have talked about getting married in Italy... Capri or Positano, but there are so many family issues - my elderly grandma and his father's health - that I'm sure it'll end up being in Chicago. As long as the ceremony is small and intimate, I'll be happy :smile:

    Lately I've been in this whole I'm ready to be married NOW phase! It is pretty bad...
  7. i got married in a church in our town......
    i would have liked to be married in another church in our town.......
  8. I got married in a quickie wedding chapel in California
    my dream wedding:
    Drive Thru in Vegas in a convertible Mustang
    We almost did this to renew our vows last time we were in vegas....maybe next time :smile:
  9. we got married at the LDS temple in portland OR and had a reception/ring ceremony at my parent's condo's clubhouse in beaverton. it was beautiful and right for us at the time and we had a wonderful day, but was really done more for our parents (my mom planned everything. i wanted nothing to do with it)...but if i had to do it again today i would DEFINATELY choose a hawaiian destination wedding or cruise. :yes:
  10. I'm getting married on a bluff at sunset next July. It is overlooking the Long Island sound and it's so beautiful.
  11. We eloped - but my dream wedding is a very, very small one on a beach in Bora Bora. Very casual wedding with an AMAZING beach reception and then a 2 week honeymoon there on the island.
  12. i want to be married outside in the middle of Johnson Square in Savannah at the very beginning of spring. it's SO beautiful in the historic district, with the spanish moss and magnolias and live oak trees. followed by a reception at the Mansion on Forsyth, a beautiful hotel convernted from (what else) a historic Old South mansion.
  13. My DH and I were married at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in Vegas. If we had to do it all over again - we both agree we would do the same. We loved it and we still get reports from our guests about what a great time they had.
  14. My husband and I married in the rose garden in Eugene, OR on the 2nd anniversary of the day when he proposed to me there.:love: We're a couple of romantics!:P
  15. I got married in Luzern, Switzerland. Since most of my friends and family come from abroad, Luzern is the perfect place!!! It's very picturesque, with the Swiss Alps in the background, a beautiful lake, and a gorgeous old town. It was really the best day ever!