Where did you take your first Chanel?

  1. I took my first Chanel (Medium White Black Cambon) on its first outing to a wedding.

    I wore a long v neck cream empire line dress with black trim design and a slinky black cardigan.

    Sorry I do not have any pix to post at the moment.
  2. to dinner @ Megu, a restaurant in NYC :smile:
  3. I took my first chanel to? OMG I have no idea. Was there a time where they were not around? Wait! I remember, I took my pink cambon tote out for NYE 2003. That was my first chanel that was mine and not my mom's or my sisters. Before that it was all gucci and prada....Though I did have a black flap laying in the closet for years.
  4. shopping and work.....and everywhere!!! Always a chanel on my shoulder! LOL
  5. on a shopping trip and then to Coronado for our anniversary.
  6. Palm Beach, FL
  7. most likely to work...tough question!
  8. I took my black on black Cambon tote to the mall, then to work. She is flying with me to NYC at the end of the month. Maybe we wil adopt a baby sister?
  9. I took my PITC out shopping at Century City. :smile:

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  10. i took my first chanel on a plane with me from taiwan to the us. i bought it in taiwan. it rode in longchamp since i didn't want it to get hurt on the plane ride.
  11. probabaly took my petite timeless tote out for some more shopping, lol.
  12. I can't remember where my very first chanel went but I took my purple python flap bag to the Manolo Blahnik luncheon! I had to plan a special trip for her first outing!
  13. I don't really remember, but it was probably at a restaurant.
  14. Hehe...to the slot machine :smile: I bought my first Chanel at the Wynn in Vegas, so it promplty came out right away straight to Wheel of Fortune I think.
  15. Took it right to work!