Where did you stay in Seoul?

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  1. Just wondering where did you stay when you went for your surgeries?
    I have been to Seoul as a tourist 3x and normally stay around Myeongdong.
    Am wondering if it's better to stay around Gangnam Station for convenience or it doesn't really matters where I stay?
    Gangnam area is really foreign to me and I'm worried I'd have no idea where to get food(porridge?) and necessities.
    Can you please share where did you stay?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. If you do surgery in Gangnam, I would recommend you to stay near from your clinic.
  3. Myeongdong is actually quite far from Gangnam/Apgujeong and fairly inconvenient to reach by subway (you have to change lines). If you know which clinic you plan to go to, I would pick a hotel close to your clinic, otherwise I would stay somewhere close to the Apgujeong/Sinsa subway station as many PS clinics are located in that area (e.g. JW, Dream, etc)
  4. Thanks! Where did you stay when in korea?
  5. Yeah it's far. :sad:
    Have not decided which clinic yet. Am deciding btwn Sinsa and Gangnam station areas.
    Did you stay around Sinsa?
  6. CurlyCat I stayed in a residence in near gangnam station. The name was Yeoksam human star vill. :smile:
  7. hi Chrishbaby, how long did u stayed there? Also, if u dont mind how much did it cost you. thank you.
  8. Thanks for sharing!! :smile: