Where did you purchase your Vintage Flower Frame bag?

  1. Where did you girls purchase your Vintage Flower Frame bag? I just love love love this bag!!:heart: I know that it's sold out everywhere but I'm still calling the outlets sometime to check if they have it or not....:search::cry: Can you tell me where you got yours and how much they were?:shame:

  2. I got mine on eBay brand new. eBay and Bluefly were the only places that sold the bag and shipped to Canada at the time I got it.

    There is an auction for it on eBay at the moment that Zerodross posted (the reserve hasn't been met but I bet it's not too high).
  3. dose anyone else have this bag?
  4. Many people buy it at Dior outlets. Give them a call. They can ship the bag to you if you want it. One outlet is at the Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets in NY.
  5. I called all three outlets before they said they don't have it.:crybaby: So I guess I'll try to call them again some other time...