Where did you go to college?

  1. Where did everyone go to college?

    *Its that time in one's life.. that they have to begin to look at colleges.. yikes!:sad:

    So, tell me what college you went to, tell me if you liked it or not and why?

    Thanks everyone!!
  2. Freshman year went to Carleton College in Northfield, MN. Loved it there but it was academically too hard for me. Transferred to Michigan State and graduated. One extreme to another--small, pvt. liberal arts college to a huge public university. I preferred the small college atmosphere and closer contact with professors,but I wasn't up to the demands. One class required us to read 12 books in a term (about 10 weeks).
  3. i'm a junior at the University of Georgia, and i LOVE it. i love the party atmosphere, i love college football, i love that it's so big, i love the campus, i have amazing professors that are reknowned experts in the field (and have often written the textbook we're using for the class), and it really feels like one big, happy family.
  4. hah that sounds like my ideal college.. is it hard work?
  5. I graduated from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN in 2000. Hmm...didn't realize that much time has passed:yes:
  6. I'm a senior at University of California, Santa Cruz majoring in literature. I love that my campus is so huge and beautiful - we're practically a forest with ocean views! I also love how we have different "colleges" here with various specializations and themes. I also really like how my upper division classes can be as small as 25 people; I've never been one for huge classes. I do miss having a sports team, though ;(
  7. i went to Penn State University (Main Campus) in PA and it was the best 4 years of my life! The campus is soo pretty (esp. in the fall) and the people are awesome and the party life is great! Plus is a good college with great professors. It's really big (my biggest class hada 700 students) but i always wanted to go to a big school!
  8. York University in Toronto!!
  9. Ohio University---I've spent time at 3 of their campuses. It has about 20,000 students on average. It's nice, I'm glad that I went there.

    But I think it was WAY over played as a party school. I hate whenever I tell someone that I went there and they say something like "cool, did you party alot?" or "hey isn't that where the BIG halloween party (a.k.a The Athens Blockparty) is, where everyone gets drunk?"

    Sure it's nice to go to a school that has a relaxed environment. But I would look more at a school that INSN'T known as a party school.

    To me it feels like sometimes NO ONE takes my degree seriously because I went to a famous party school.

    Other than that I loved it. Good luck picking a college, it can be difficult decission for some and it will effect the rest of your life.
  10. Arizona State University--hot people, warm weather....loved it!!! :smile:
  11. New College (very new, it's 627 years old), Oxford University ;)

    I read Philosophy, Politics and Economics (not majoring in anything) and graduated in 1998 with an upper second class honours which is about GPA 3.4 upwards in US equivalence.

    Harvard, Yale and especially University of Chicago in the United States are probably better than any university in the world when it comes to economics but where else (except Cambridge) are you allocated a dedicated one-to-one hour-long session with a professor for each subject that you take and study in buildings that are collectively called ‘Dreaming Spires of Oxford?’

    Did I have a good time? It was neutral but definitely not shambolic. I was very naïve and extremely reserved – I just got out of a convent school, LOL. My mum drove me to school everyday [that I had to go to school which was only 3 days a week and I only had 10 hours of study a week]. She stayed until I finish, went to lunch with me and took me back to London in the evening.

    I was very happy with it but everyone is allowed to say I was a bit of a loser especially when I turn up with a crisp shirt and skirt or dress everyday (I gather that students don’t do much ironing), my hair had to be perfectly combed and even my shoes were polished! Also I always wear this hair clip on one side of my head that, upon retrospection, makes me look like a pretentious 18 year-old trying to be an 8 year old, LOL. And I don’t socialise with boys at all so no partying for me. But my girlfriends did tell me that the boys in the college were taking bets on who I would lose my virginity to – theoretically they would have all lost, LOL.

    But coming back to the original question, your ideal choice of college would depend on what are you intending to do in the future and of course your grade. For example, I would not go to Harvard I want to be an artist! And I've read that lots of US students are now studying abroad because of lower costs so I'm going to play the devil's advocate and suggest that you consider somewhere decent overseas!
  12. Emmanuel College in Boston
  13. Rutgers College in New Brunswick, NJ! Go RU football! :wlae:
  14. Pace University in New York City. It was alright just too clicky. I wish I would have went away to college. Its a great school if you're going for business.
  15. I went to FIT... I liked it.. but that last year I was itching to get out of there... now I just WISH i was back in school.....