where did you get your birkin?

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  1. especially you younger girls..where did you get it? I'm 23 and just feel so weird/ out of my league going into the boutiques. I'm shy and feel like they'll ignore me or laugh at me. Is ebay/ resale the way to go? I'm a little hesitant to spend that much on something that I can't really be 100% sure is real... It's funny, none of the other store intimidate me at all, but hermes makes we want to puke.

    If you younger and bout it at the boutique, how did you do it? I want like, detailes steps to establishing this "relationship" or whatever you have to do. I'm so bad at talking to people that I don't know. I feel like I'll make a fool of myself!
  2. Hi there, until you're not 100% sure about the authenticity of a bag on eBay,don't spend any money. You can post your findings in the 'autenticate this" thread and we'll help you.

    Maybe you're not ready yet for an Hermes bag? Could that be?
  3. Every Hermes purchase of mine has been from the Hermes Boutique.
  4. I turned 28 this year. I feel weird carrying my bag around. I usually do not dress down when I carry my bag. What happens if you run into an ex (ha ha ha gotta look fabulous!)
    I felt incredibly small in the 24 Faubourg location when I went last summer. I swore off H entirely. I literally had absolutely no service even thought I was dressed to the 9s. My husband said "you're American and look American".
    I went to another location later in the week and was treated wonderfully.
    It just depends. I say if you feel intimidated people will walk all over you.
    Just "fake" your attitude until you are comfortable! Act like you own the store, or even better imagine everyone wearing their underwear.:yes:
    Wear it loud and proud!
  5. I am also 28 and i wore my birkin since 1 y.And i had other H bag before.
    I think if you wear well,it will fits you in every situation.
    I know i was working hard for this bag,so i use it for work,shopping,cinema etc....i can wear it dressy as casual!!!!
    i think if you can afford it and like to style go for it!!!
  6. hi!
    Im 22 and let me tell you.. Hermes SA are the nicest ever!!!

    don't be shy, they have superior customer service standards ! :smile:
  7. I've never visit any Hermes boutique before so I like to gather more information before I step in acting all stupid. Is it true that all Birkins 35 have a long wait list all over the world? I wanted to get a Black birkin 35. Do I have to pay any deposit for ordering the bag? Thanks for your help.
  8. As far as I know, the wait-list is closed for now. I'm not sure if that's true at all boutiques. I believe it is first-come-first-serve, if you are at the right store at the right time or you develop a relationship with a SA you can definitely get one, a Birkin that is. As far as the color and size you want, well that may be a different story. If you have the opportunity to try on a bunch of different bag styles, color and sizes, that is the best way to find a bag you love. I don't think you have to pay a deposit for a bag because you are not obligated to buy it when it comes in and you have changed your mind about it. Ladies and gents, feel free to correct any of my info. Thanks. Hope this helps, aritziababe.
  9. i don't have one yet so i cannot answer the question.. but hopefully, at the H store.. hehe
  10. Hi There,
    I wouldn't let age deter you from going to the H boutique! You're a potential customer, right? And you're educating yourself here - which is more than one can say about so many people and their purchasing decisions!

    I agree that everyone should use care when purchasing from resellers on eBay. But I've found this forum to be a blessing in terms of user experience, etc, which is a good thing.

    I bought my first Birkin from Timeless Pieces (Martine) and she was WONDERFUL! My second was from H in Argentina and my third from H in Bal Harbour.

    Hope this info helps :yes:
  11. Im pretty young, and last time i was in a Hermes-shop buying a scarf, i asked the S.A to help me find a present for my mother's birthday. It was actually present from me to me, but they were nicer to me then, i think.
  12. ^ Lol, that is smart! I have definitely thought about doing that! They probablyh think daddy's funding the "present" to mommy, but who cares. As long as you get what you went for. Heheh. :smile:
  13. ooh, smart!! I may have to do that if they seem to be ignoring me. I'm 23, but I look like I'm in high school (I know, I'll appreciate it when I'm older- but it sucks now!!)
  14. If you go in and are pleasant and act interested in their things, I am sure you will find an SA to help you. I have purchased smaller leather goods at the boutique (although I am getting an order placed at the next podium). My birkin I got from a member of another board.
  15. Im just a teenager, but i think the SA's in Paris are really nice anyway (specialy the older ones, there's a really lovely lady there around 60), but the trick t is to look "rich & bored", i think :roflmfao:
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