"Where Did You Get It From?"

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  1. Does anyone else get this question? It's really annoying, imo, when people ask this. I always think.......If it's for authenticity purposes......If you can provide all the information needed for someone to see themselves that an item is authentic, what does that matter? How is that even a gauge of anything when it can not be verified unless a receipt is present? And if it's just out of curiousity...why would you ask?

    I would not go to a store and ask them who THEIR source is.

    *shrugs* Just a little pet peeve I have.
  2. I think people ask that so they can see what you paid for it. Like if you buy a bag on eBay and then resell...they can pull up the transaction or look for other details in that listing that you don't include in yours...:shrugs:
  3. yeah.. i understand your frustration.. it happened to me when selling my Chanel reissue

    a buyer once asked.. "where did you get it from and how much did you pay for it?"

    after my answer, the girl asked.. "i'm not sure if i will like the bag because i have never seen a Chanel reissue in real life. what's your return policy?"

    i told her i don't accept returns because there are many scammers who return fake bags..

    then another reply from her.. "if there is a Chanel boutique in my city, i will buy firsthand"

    yeah right.. good luck with finding a dark white reissue first hand.. ask the store for $500 off too, because it's an '06 bag..
  4. I get that question all the time, I had an auction end today and she asked after she won the bag. Where did you buy it and what did you pay are the questions I get asked with most of my bags.
  5. I had one today too that was asking all these questions today after they won the item last night. Questions that should have been asked before she bid! I know it's still really early, but she didn't pay yet. I wonder if I'm going to wind up with a NPB. Why don't people ask questions BEFORE they bid and then win the item? UGH!:cursing:
  6. Are you the original owner, and where did you get it, are sometimes aimed at determining authenticity. But I agree, if you put enough photos in the auction and offer to send more if asked, that should be enough. People can say whatever they want anyway.

  7. ITA! What difference does it make where I got it? I don't want it anymore, hence, it's on eBay, if you want it, bid on it, if not, move along!
  8. I don't think asking is bad - I've asked - and yes if they got it on eBay I'd like to see from whom if that info is still available since there are some well known huge sellers of fakes. You can never have too much info. Almost everything I've resold states in my auction where it was purchased as well because I know people want to know - especially with highly faked items like anything LV.
  9. im with you kbell,i like to ask to,not just because of authenticity reasons but just curious on where the bag was brought. like you said there are alot of fakes out there and people selling these bags on ebay should not be annoyed about these type of questions. to be honest with you,people who usually get annoyed are the shady ones.....i would be happy to ask any questions about my bags im selling because i know they are real.
  10. ^ i don't think it's shady to not answer that question. it doesn't tell you ANYTHING. the seller could say she bought an Hermes bag at the flagship store but because it's 10 years old, she doesn't have it anymore. In reality, she got it through resell. does that prove authenticity to you? it proves nothing and the only thing it achieves is disadvantage the seller. if they don't tell, you think they're shady. if they do, they risk losing business, too.

    i think this question is usually nothing more than trying to fish out how much it cost the SELLER for the item. no one wants to feel like someone made money off of them.
  11. precisely.. a polite question of "where did you get it from?" is OK..

    but questions like "how much did you pay for it?" and saying things like "if possible I will buy firsthand" are unnecessary..

    if you don't know the value of the thing you want to buy, don't fish it out of the seller.. the poor seller has to pay listing and other fees already.. trying to pressurise sellers to lower their price is bad..:nogood:
  12. I think it is a legimate question. There are so many fakes on e-bay, I sometimes just want a little more reassurance after checking feedback and looking at pics. I don't think I would ask how much it cost, tho.
  13. I always ask this question-because I have found a lot of fakes were "a gift", or if they say overstock or surplus, etc and it is say an LV, I know it is fake also. It is just one of a series of things I do to check authenticity. I never do that to see where it was bought. I go in knowing what an item is worth to me.
  14. Even if you ask "where did you get it from", doesn't mean the seller is going to tell you the truth. I mean, if you got it at an estate sale for $15 and are now selling it for $300, does a potential buyer really want to hear that??? So, chances are the answer will not be truthful. So many bags are purchased on eBay, then re-sold on eBay, but the seller will say, "I got it at the ***** boutique and lost the receipt" or "I got it as a gift". So, in my opinion, it is a stupid question. If you want the bag and it is in excellent shape and is authentic, then bid on it!
  15. I like to write to the fake sellers and ask where THEY got it from just to see what they say.