Where did you buy your spy?

  1. Since the spy seems to be the most popular bag in the forum and it seems like everybody has one, where did you get yours? I'm thinking about getting one. However, there is not much variety on line and I live in the middle of no where. Do they have a much better selection in the store than they do on line? I've looked at Neimans, Saks, and eluxury. Thanks
  2. I bought mine at the Fendi store at Americana Manhasset in Long Island, NY. The SA I deal with at that store is Kimberlie. The telephone number is (516) 627-1900. Happy hunting!
  3. I have a black and a zucca/brown napa leather, both from eBay.
  4. I got my fortuny spy shipped to me from the Fendi Manhattan store (I called 1-800-FENDI-NY) and my zucca on the way is from A Pinch Of Rosemary (user Pinchrosemary on eBay).
  5. My Spies come from a shop Called Harvey Nichols which is a designer department store here in the UK
  6. 1 on ebay, 1 from jomashop.com, and 1 from eluxury.com
  7. I got my spy at Fendi in Beverly Hills and they have a pretty big selection. Also i have bought other things at the Fendi at The Mall at Short Hills in NJ... Arlene is the SA that I deal with...Good luck!
  8. bought my Zucca at Saks in Bal Harbour.(North Miami)..dealt with Nancy! They were so accommodating, I tried it on outside the store and realized that the little pocket part did not snap shut tightly...so i go to exchange it for another and there is no other! But, Nancy got a new one right away from the Fendi boutique there at Bal Harbour and all i had to do was wait for it at the Saks Fendi Dept., and one of the SAs ran over and got it. Perfect this time :p
  9. Got mine in Bloomingdales SFO. They have quite a few available as of a few days ago.
  10. Fendi at South Coast Plaza. My SA was so sweet and such a darling!
  11. At Barneys in Beverly Hills. They have the everyday spy - cognac, chocolate, grey, neutral and the LE moncler one then. Don't know about now.
  12. Bloomingdales in Garden City.
  13. I got my Fortuny from Saks, NY. Tel# 212-753-4000. Different stores have diffrent selections. Good Luck!
  14. I got mine from ebay, it's authentic :biggrin:
  15. I order my FIRST spy, a cognac one, at " a pinch of rosemary", It's been a week, not arrived yet! I can't wait, I'm living in belgium, so it takes a looooong looong time.

    Gosh I wished my cognac, sweatheart, beautiful ,gorgeous, amazing, lovely, sexy, love of my life, cognac spy was already here.

    I need a hug girls, can't hardly wait. I'll cry If I don't have it on monday.:crybaby: