Where did you buy your grey/burgundy reissue?

  1. Plus the Classic red flap bag with interwoven chain. NM?BG?Saks?Nordie? Bloomie? Or somewhere else?

    I want to avoid asking SAs from dep.stores that never had these items to track them down. Your info will mean so much to me:p TIA!

    I default the Chanel boutique had them all. Correct me if I am wrong;)
  2. I got my jumbo grey 2.55 from Saks in Bala Cynwyd, PA. Actually, at the time they had bordeaux and grey. I went with the grey, and I'm so sorry I didn't get the bordeaux too. This was last year and the SA was Erica. Beautiful bags!
  3. The bordeaux is long gone.:crybaby: I always want bags after they are sold out!
  4. piperlu - How lucky you were and what a pity!

    Gators - Me too! I did not know the bordeaux till I saw fellow TPFer's pics.

    whiteorleander- Thanks for sharing me with the link. Yet, I still prefer new bags over used ones. Who knows whether I am goona change my mind when the hope dies
  5. you have to check ebay regulary, someone will definately list a gray reissue after some time.:yes:
  6. yes, I definately will...thanks so much.