Where did you buy your first H bag?

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  1. Here in Canada, I got both my Birkins from them and my new Evelyne.
  2. My first bag (black Chevre retourne Kelly 32) I purchased at an H boutique in Europe while on a business trip.

  3. Looking back, if I could do it all over again, I think it's almost better to get a pre-loved Birkin for the first one. Most likely you'll get a great deal, and you won't be as nervous about getting it knocked around, etc.

    After you've added a few to your collection, it's kind of nice to go into the boutique knowing your stuff and knowing exactly what you want (leather, size, hardware, etc.) when you're ready to plunk down that cold hard cash (often 10k plus) for your purchase.

    Just a though :yes:
  4. Thanks, Haute Couturess. That was a very thoughtful and unique take on the issue. I'm a girl that likes to be prepared so I appreciate such insight. Also, I do plan on using my Birkin as an everyday, knock-around workhorse so pre-loved doesn't seem like such a big deal now.

    After a little search on ebay, I realized a 35cm in standard leather (togo, clemence, epsom, etc.) can run about 5K above retail brand new:wtf: (that's lots of scarves and couple LV's I would have to give up if I went that route:P).
  5. Mine have all come from my H shop. Doesn't mean I wouldn't consider buying from a reseller at some point.
  6. My first (a Birkin) was from ebay seller Bagteria, second (a Kelly) from H*Bird.

    I would like my next to be fresh from the boutique.