Where did you buy your first H bag?

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  1. I Got My H In The Shops At River Side Square Mall
  2. My orange 40 is from Madison Avenue..........they summon you downstairs to a private area!
  3. Mine came from the boutique (Wall Street), but I would buy a used or vintage bag on ebay now that I know tpf ladies can authenticate it for me - I do trust them VERY much. I think it makes little sense to buy new on ebay or from resellers in general unless one is looking for the rare - even then, one must be prepared to pay a fierce premium to get it.
  4. Waaahhh... :crybaby: So sweet! Mr PP you sound like a perfect husband!

    Do you have any brohters? :graucho:
  5. I got mine from an H store in France. my opinion is that that's the only way I know100% that it is authentic.
  6. All 3 of mine came from the store at King of Prussia.
  7. I think a few people would agree with me that Sandiaexchange and Kaleidoplace are fantastic, reliable, reputable and completely trustworthy sellers with excellent stock. Couldn't recommend them highly enough.
  8. The first ( a bunch) came from relatives, then I PAID for one at a Hermes Barneys store,in the 1990's
  9. K.O.P is great!
  10. In alphabetical order, not purchase order:
    I highly recommend each of them!!

    I haven't yet gone the reseller route yet - but thanks to TPF and my own observations, I would be happy to buy from sandiaexchange or kaleidoplace! They both appear totally honest, respectable and fair. In the limited communications I have had with both, they answered my emails ultra fast - and like all of my SAs, promised to keep me posted if they receive something they think I will want. And, like my SAs, they do!

    For all new bags - H store only!!! I would never pay the ridiculous premiums. Although I would make a VERY FAIR offer if they had exactly what I wanted at that particular moment. If they say yes - cool! If they say no, they will have to find someone else to sell the bag to...
  11. My first Hermes bag is my Birkin which came from MightKismet. The reason I went that route is that I have no Hermes boutique nearby and Debra had a bag with the exact specs that I wanted. I've carried that bag for four years now and have brought it to several Hermes boutiques where it is always fawned over.

    Of my other 8 Hermes bags all but one were purchased at Hermes San Francisco. Some even over the phone. I do love the experience of purchasing directly from a boutique as it is a very special experience.
  12. My first H bag came from the boutique but it wasn't a birkin. Regardless, I truly adore it to this day.

    Unfortunately the overall experience wasn't exemplary as the SA who helped me was a bit lacking in matters. Thankfully that was my only unsavory experience and every visit since then has been absolutely spectacular!

    I say do whatever means works for you. I realize that logistically a boutique route may not be a feasible option for some members. But ultimately it's the end result that counts - which is a happy customer! Good luck.
  13. 2 other brothers spoiled_brat but they wouldn't get that lobotomy I got before getting married...so it may be useless! LOL!! Thanks...you're a sweetie! Mr. PP:tup::tup:
  14. my first H bag (birkin) came from the FSH 3 years ago!
  15. I agree, if all our DH's were like petpringles, working so hard to get his wife those birkins!!! My husband usually is a good sport about my H obsession, but not so excited to go out and actually FIND them for me... LOL!

    Now, back to the topic---my first bag (in my avatar) purchased at Hermes Montreal. Subsequent bags from Wall Street, NY.

    Although I can understand going the reseller route (especially for gently-used bags), for me as yet, I enjoy shopping at the boutique too much, and for the most part, don't mind waiting for what I want (it gives me time to save up for the next big purchase!).